Administrative Law Case

You must prepare a research paper on the Administrative Law Case below:

Heckler v. Chaney, 470 U.S. 821 (1985)

To prepare your paper, you must first read the FULL case.

Next, research the case by accessing other sources that discuss the case.

Discuss why the decision was or was not correct and why the rule based on this decision should or should not be changed;

i.e. review the decision and discuss whether the rule should be changed and why. 

You must use at least 5 sources and your paper must include in-text citations.

BE AWARE, it is far more difficult to write a quality paper that is shorter in length. To help achieve the highest grade possible, before writing your paper, please assure that you have
1) carefully researched the issue to be studied (at least 5 scholarly or academic resources should be consulted, considering BOTH sides of the issue identified)
2) carefully analyzed the pertinent issue
3) REMOVE any excess or unneeded verbiage
4) clearly, articulately, and concisely addressed the issue raised (this will require considerable time and thought on each students part).

The Research Paper will emphasize CRITICAL THINKING, and will require incorporating into the analysis of the issue identified the various concepts discussed in class, in outside readings, and in the textbook.

Below is the rubric your work will be scored against:

Paper effectively presents research in support of the approved topic. Research is professional, articulate, presented without error and follows the guidelines detailed in the syllabus.

Paper logically and methodically analyzes an approved topic with appropriate research support.

Paper examines theoretical and historical development of law in a manner that is both descriptive and applies directly to the topic selected.

Paper examines the relationships between ethics, policy and biblical principles and is without error and logical in argumentation. Paper effectively describes whether or the decision (law/ruling/case examined) was correct and explains either position effectively.

Mature, scholarly and polished, and has a clear academic voice, including APA standards. Paper is well organized, visually pleasing, effective, professional, and ready to be presented.

Please use following books:

Jerry L Mashaw, Richard A Merrill, Peter M Shane, Administrative Law, The American Public Law System: Cases and Materials, 6th ed (Thomson/West, 2009)  ISBN-13: 978-0314195852  ISBN-10: 0314195858

Peter Strauss (Editor), Administrative Law Stories (Foundation Press, 2006) ISBN10: 1587789590 ISBN13: 978-1587789595


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