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For this Assignment, you will use technology and the writing skills you have learned thus far to transform your Unit 8 argument into a digital media presentation appropriate for sharing outside of the classroom environment.

Develop a slide presentation or video that is designed to have a strong impact on the audience by revising the draft you shared in this weeks Discussion. Your digital media presentation is not necessarily testing your design skills, though you should certainly try to practice the design suggestions provided in the WC resources. More importantly, you are practicing your composition skills by applying persuasive strategies in a new context with visual media. You will demonstrate visual rhetoric skills by combining text and images to compel your audience to recognize the importance of your argument for change.

The digital media presentation should have the following characteristics:

A clear argument for change in your community (the one you have been writing about throughout the course)
Designed with a specific audience in mind in order to motivate your viewers to take action or change how they think about the topic
Slide presentation or video format (contact your instructor for prior approval if you have a different idea for your digital media presentation)
Contains at least 810 slides (slide presentation, not including the title and references slide) or lasts approximately 45 seconds to 1 minute (video)
Research from at least four reliable sources to support the main message, including graphics. These can be sources from previous units.
Minimally, two information-oriented visuals like a chart, diagram, or infographic (e.g., photo, table, diagram, chart, etc.) to represent key information in your argument.
Relevant clip art, stock photos, and design templates that are visually engaging and reinforce the overall theme of the presentation.
Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, both in-text and on a References slide or in a separate Word document. You need to quote material taken directly from a source. The same standards for documenting sources apply to a presentation that apply to an essay.
Note: Do not use the Notes section for citation or adding details to help the audience understand. The presentation needs to be clear based on what the audience can see and Notes are meant only for the speaker. Your instructor will not review the Notes section if you use PowerPoint.
Images that require attribution should have an APA formatted in-text citation and APA formatted reference entry. Please provide the website logo with images that are freely available so that your instructor knows they do not require an APA reference entry.
Noted below are the specific requirements for this units Assignment:

Title page/slide with the presentation title, your name, and course information
PowerPoints must be submitted in .ppt or .pptx format. Turnitin cant read .pptm files or Keynote files.
If you are submitting a video, Vimeo, PowToon, Prezi, etc., please submit a separate Word document with the title page, references page, a link to the presentation, and the text for your presentation
Be sure to copy the link to the presentation from the Share option rather than the top of your browser.
References to sources, including graphics, are cited in APA 6th Edition style both in-text and on a separate References slide
See the following WC resources for further guidance on APA manuscript formatting and APA citation formatting:

WC: Common Citations in APA Format
WC: Basics of APA Style
WC: APA Formatting in PowerPoint
  Academic Writer Title page tutorial
  PGWC: APA Reference Page Checklist


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