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Multiple Linear Regression and Analyses

(1)    Introduction/background of the issue/topic;
(2)    Econometric model and variables;
(3)    Data-explanations, summaries/descriptive statistics and correlations among any two variables;
(4)    Regression results and explanations-whether and why the whole model is significant and whether and why each coefficient is significant;(Which one is Coefficient and why?)
(5)    Applications of the outcomes such as the meanings of the slope(s).
(6)    Summary


you can take the data from this website,,


statistical studies

The project (to be completed individually, projects that are similar will be cited for plagiarism and will receive a zero and
will be reported):
1. Find two articles (not blogs or opinion-based articles) from a newspaper, magazine, or reputable source on the
A. The first should be about an experimental study that has been done.
B. The second should be about an observational study that has been done.
C. Cite the sources of the articles (APA or MLA format).
D. Submit your project and articles in D2L before 11:59 pm, Friday, October 30.
Note: They can be on any topic. You will attach the articles (or url links cited correctly) to the end of your project. Here
are a couple of links with lists of articles you may choose from, or you may find your own based on personal interests:
Google Search: statistical study articles
2. For each article (experimental and observational):

Sampling Techniques

Utilize the library databases to search and pull six full-text, peer-reviewed journal articles.
Based on your articles, address the following in a 2-3 page paper:
Describe the sampling technique utilized in each article.
Provide the full citations for each article and a brief description (one paragraph) of the sampling technique that you identified from each article.
Provide a reflection on your experience searching and analyzing articles from the research database:
Was it easier than you had expected?
What pitfalls or barriers did you encounter?
How did you overcome these barriers?
Do you believe that you could utilize this sort of research in the field? Why?
Your response should be detailed and well supported.

Multiple Linear Regression and Analyses

** Word File for Report**
** Excel file for the Multiple Linear Regression**

-For Excel File
1.      Select the data/issue with at least three variables/factors, including one as the Dependent Variable;
2.        Collect actual data and calculate summary of the data, including the mean(average) and standard deviations and correlations;
3.      State the economic and regression model;
4.      Run the multiple linear regression and show the outcomes from that;
5.      Explain the whole model and each coefficients significance and why?

-For Word File
(1)    Introduction/background of the issue/topic;
(2)    Econometric model and variables;
(3)    Data-explanations, summaries/descriptive statistics and correlations among any two variables;
(4)    Regression results and explanations-whether and why the whole model is sign

Research Methods

Discussion Board Forum 1
    Read Robson & McCartan: chapters 12 Attached

Research can take many forms. The two primary types of research that will be conducted in the DBA program is that of a case study and that of consulting. After reviewing the Reading and Study material for this module and considering the two different types of research that will be done, please respond to the following two questions:

1.    What makes a good problem if it is for a case study?
2.    What makes a good problem if it is for consulting?

Your response to these two questions should be a minimum of 300 words.
You must use your text plus two outside scholarly resources, for a minimum of three resources.
After you have answered these questions, please provide an annotated bibliography on all sources that were used.

Application Linear Problems

Answer all 10 questions on the paper attach
Include the following for every question:
      D:  Define the variables clearly and specifically
      E:  Write the equation used for the problem
      S:  Solve the equation showing all steps
      S:  Answer the question in a complete sentence using proper grammar and appropriate punctuation.
All questions and work must be clearly labeled and organized. 

Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment, submit a two-paragraph summary of one article.
*An APA citation of the article
*A short summary of the main points of the article
*The findings of the research
*A statement of how the article is related to the business question.


The research paper asks for 2 kinds of research, 1.observation/interviewing and 2. scholarly. You are asked to choose a service/site and research the aspect that relates to health and wellness.  You will discover this through visiting the site and/or interviewing a professional or professionals at the site. The focus is on attitudes and beliefs found in the program or service center of your choice. Once you have identified this center from the suggested list below, your job will be to evaluate the attitudes and beliefs you find represented in this program or service center and describe how it aligns with your own personal values and beliefs regarding health and wellness.

The scholarly research portion is to research the origins of this service/site, the history/origin of the services offered/provided and perhaps the mission statement of the service/site.  A review of your findings is to be incorporated into your paper.

Research Paper Format:

1. Introduct


answer the questions:

C.1: [GFS]Specify three most important considerations/rationale behind Google to  design GFS. Also specify what design choices were made to address these in GFS. 
C.2: [GFS]Illustrate through examples what happens if a chunk server goes down in  GFS, i.e., how the self-healing process takes place. 
C.3 [BigTable] Explain Big Table structure through row key, column key with examples. 
C.4 [Big Table] How is bloom filter utilized in Big Table?
C.5 [MR] Describe what happens if a task tracker fails while executing a map task how job tracker detects it and what action it takes.