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In Your World: Quantitative Information in Everyday Life – Group 2


For the In Your World discussions, you will find and present examples of mathematics in everyday life. The goal is to draw personal connections between your own life experiences and the course content for the week. To guide your thinking, you will choose examples from the "In Your World" prompts given in the textbook. Some questions may ask for your personal opinion; others will require some research in order to answer the question. Follow the directions for whatever problems you choose and credit your sources as needed. Credit or citations may be informal: a web link, a picture of a billboard you saw, a mention of a TV commercial and on what channel it aired, a picture from Instagram, etc. You may write informally and include videos or pictures if you like. After you present your chosen application, you will interact with your discussion group by reading and responding to their work.


How does the [technology concept] project affect enterprise architecture?

In order to build an effective foundation for execution, companies must master the following three key disciplines:
1.    Operating model. This refers to a defined level of business process integration and standardization for delivering products or services to constituents (see Instructor Perspective for document on business processing). This ultimately represents the commitment to how the company will operate.
2.    Enterprise architecture. EA is the operating logic to the business process and to IT's layers of data, software, and infrastructure reflecting and representing the integration and standardization of the operating model. EA provides and brings support to long-term planning for the company's processes, systems, and technology bringing platform-level balance to IT projects designed to return efficiencies and solutions to individual needs.
3.    IT engagement model. This refers to a "system of governance mechanisms" that me

Cretaceous Mass Extinction

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Find a media article about a scientific study on a topic related to the Cretaceous Mass Extinction material. To find articles, you can use a Google search for keywords from the class material, and then select the "news" search button below the search bar. Your article should be different than the ones used in this class. If you aren't sure whether the article is related to class topics, feel free to ask me.

Once you have found an article that you like, write a summary discussing these four points:

The main finding of the scientific study and the evidence the scientists used to answer their question.
Two pieces of evidence covered in class that relate to the study, and why they support or disagree with the conclusions.
Your assessment of the reliability of the source, suppor

Analysis and summary for Supply chain survey

Required is two-page summary of results with graphs for the SSCM survey.

There are 12 main categories. (instrumental motives, relational motives, moral motives, sustainable product design, supply-side sustainability collaboration, demand-side sustainability collaboration, environmental performance, financial performance, competitive advantage, resource investment in SSCM and Absorptive capacity)
I need
1.    Introduction about the survey.
2.    Information about the sample (companies) size, age, revenue and business field.
3.    12 short summary paragraphs, one paragraph for each category, that summarize the main results for the category.

For Example,
Instrumental Motives
63% of the sample agree or strongly agree that their company engages in sustainable activities due to shareholder demand for sustainability improvements. On the other hand 37%.....etc

attachment are :-
1- SSCM Questionnaire FY

Week 7 Discussion: Rejection Region

Initial Post Instructions

After reviewing data from a sample, an inference can be made about the population.
For example,

Find a data set on the internet. Some suggested search terms: Free Data Sets, Medical Data Sets, Education Data Sets.

Introduce your Data Set and Cite the Source.
What trends do you notice in your data set?
Based on the trends and the history of your data set, make a claim. What kind of test (left, right, two tailed) would you have to complete?
Explain the steps needed to complete the Hypothesis Test. What is needed?

Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification.

Based on the claim presented by your peer, state the null and alternative hypothesis and process you would take to determine if you would Reject or Fail to Reject Ho.
Based on the data and history presented by your peer, state a new claim and

persistence of the order flow and market impact

Topic: persistence of the order flow and market impact

Q1:What are the statistical properties of the order flow? What can be empirical features can be observed by studying the time series of trade signs?
You may describe the type of data and analysis performed as well as the conclusions that can be drawn from it. See Ref. [1]

Q2:What are the two possible explanations for the empirically observed properties of the order flow? What type of data can be used to disentangle the two effects? What conclusions can be drawn? See Ref. [1,2]

Q3: What is shown to be the dominant cause for the emergence of the statistical properties of the order flow and how is it related to market impact?

Q4:How can the statistical properties of the order flow be reconciled with the concept of marketefficiency? Which hypotheses can be formulated? See Ref. [1]

For a general review you may refer to Ref. [3], in particular the section on Large fluctuations and long-memory of ord

Equipment and Service contract sales

I need help trying to construct a 95 percent confidence interval for the different proportion of the contract and determine if there is a difference between the two. I also have to calculate and state the confidence intervals and find out if the report would be error-free.
Uploaded additional materials:
Equipment and service sales contract.pdf

Equipment and Service contract sales

I need help trying to construct a 95 percent confidence interval for the different proportion of the contract and determine if there is a difference between the two. I also have to calculate and state the confidence intervals and find out if the report would be error-free.
Uploaded additional materials:
Equipment and service sales contract.pdf

Summary statistic business economics

please follow the instruction file.
I need a summary for the given chapters in the instruction file with all the formulas to solve eventually calculation.

I basically need a summary of those chapter to study it for my exam.

use please a simple English (not mother language)

the file uploaded are the study guide and the book that we used.
please use only that book as reference.

evaluation paper

Description Formatting Length: 2-3 pages Spacing: Double spaced Margins: 1 inch Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. font Title page: separate title page that is your first page containing your name, Montclair State University, the course name and number, the instructors name (Professor Kaplun), and the due date of the assignment. It should be centered in the middle of the first page and it does not count towards the page count.  Description of Assignment You will have to locate a peer-reviewed journal article that is related to justice in any way and utilizes one of the five statistical techniques covered in this class (Chi-square test of independence, T-tests, ANOVA, correlation, or regression) and evaluate this study. Choose a topic that you are interested in. The evaluation should:  1. Introduce the study a brief description of what you are evaluating 2. Identify the research question(s) for the study 3. Identify any associated hypotheses  4. Identify the data used in the