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American Government

Clearly articulate an issue of concern that is important to you and within the authority of the United States Congress. Explain your concern, using your research and explain Congress authority to address this issue.  Explain the action that your Representative/Senator and the Congress can take in this matter.

1000 word minimum.
Remember, use at least five (5) sources throughout the paper.  DO NOT use extensive citations from one source.
Include an Annotated bibliography section in addition to References page for sources.

electoral reform of canada

Guntermann, E. (2019). Why electoral reform might improve representation and why it might make it worse. Canadian Public Administration, 62(1), 5676.

LeDuc, L. (2011). Electoral Reform and Direct Democracy in Canada: When Citizens Become Involved. West European Politics, 34(3), 551567.

How U. S. Marine Corps uses Concepts by Simon Sinek

Watch both Simon Sinek videos listed below (approx. 17-19 min each. Both can also be found via google simon sinek then choose videos).  As you watch, make notes and think critically about how the ideas presented can be related to the USMC and sustaining the transformation.  Use these thought questions to help get your brainstorming started and focus your ideas:

How do these concepts relate to today's Marines?  What ideas can you come up with to impact sustained change in your Marines and unit? Think about both the positive and negative.  What about the entire USMC?  How are the ideas in the video similar or different to what you already see and do?  What ideas could you use or try? What wouldn't work and why not? Are there ideas to apply to your own command with its specific characteristics and issues? What difference can you make on your own? Does anything in the videos inspire you to act? Does it change the way you see the overall culture or clima

The US spends more on its military than the next 10 or so nations combined, what does the US government and its people get in return? Is this a good use of tax dollars?

Please write an 800 word essay on one of the following topics. You MUST use proper in-text citations (if you do not know what this means it is your responsibility to learn how to do so. The writing center and other resources are available to you). This is a different prompt than what is in the Syllabus but I think this will allow students to do research and build their own understanding of a key issue utilizing some of the critical thinking skills we've been developing.
The US spends more on its military than the next 10 or so nations combined, what does the US government and its people get in return? Is this a good use of tax dollars?

International politics. German political institutions

Essay that applies  concept or issue we explored in class such as political institutions,  in well as the following points: You should include a bibliography of not less than ten sources, of which one must be a book or specialized encyclopedias and two must be scholarly articles. Minimum 1000 words or 4 pages. Correct in-text and bibliographic citations are required. (simple, student level English)

Any topic

Supreme Court justices are elected for life and that some states follow the same procedure. How should judges be selected? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the federal appointment process? What are the pros and cons of judges being electing by the people? What are the benefits of the mixture of both selection processes?

Read the article in the module about whether a supreme court justice can be replaced during an election year ( ())

Given the current vacancy on the Supreme Court due on the eve of the Presidential election, with the controversy that some state that the seat should not be filled just before the Presidential election, do you think the current President should have the right to nominate a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Explain why or why not.

To receive full credit, your answer to the question must be meaningful and you must post


(A direct copy and post of my professor's instructions)

This is an essay format assessment.  Students should use a standard essay format which includes an introduction and conclusion paragraph.  An ideal response will be well organized, well argued, and well written.  Feel free to use and access any notes or original materials.

This essay addresses socialism.  Explain the role of class division (the capitalist and the proletariat) in Marxs socialism.  Include in your essay Marxs critique of capitalism; how does a capitalistic society exacerbate class divisions?; why is class division bad?

Finally, make an argument about why socialism has failed or succeeded.  You will want to discuss its fundamental premises and assumptions (are they valid) and think about its applications (was the plan actually carried out).  Is it a matter that socialism (in whatever form you want to address -- Marxism, Leninism, nonMarxist sociali

public healthcare policy in the U.S

public health policy issues in the United States includes The US health-care model relies on a direct-fee system and private health insurance. This model has been criticized for contributing to high health-care costs, high rates of uninsured individuals, and high rates of health problems in comparison to the situation in other Western nations. in addition, some major healthcare policies in the US and what are some potential solutions to these issues. 

the impact of the new world of digital communication on community-building in America.

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Robert Putnam, in his book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, uses the example of the decline of bowling leagues across the country to suggest the passing of community and associations in the United States. Traditionally these associations provided the social capital* upon which society was built.

Has social media exacerbated this loss of community and neighborhood associations or has it enhanced community building? Many argue that electronic communication lacks the tactile and personal nature of face to face contact necessary for true communities. Others respond that online communication permits a much broader understanding of community, with connection across a heretofore impossible expanse of culture and geography.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1 page of the rough draft about the article: "Trump says hell cancel Obamas unconstitutional executive actions. Its not that easy" in Washington Post.

The link for the article is attached. I will have to connect you again for a final submission later.