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Erik Erickson 8 stages of Psychosocial Development

Literature review on topic, Erik Erickson 8 stages of Psychosocial Development- understanding how each stage relates to you, friends, family, patients, and the nursing field:

1.    Stage One - Trust vs Mistrust
2.    Stage Two - Autonomy vs. Shame
3.    Stage Three - Initiative vs. Guilt
4.    Stage Four - Industry vs. Inferiority
5.    Stage Five - Identity vs. Role Confusion
6.    Stage Six - Intimacy vs. Isolation
7.    Stage Seven - Generativity vs. Stagnation
8.    Stage Eight - Ego Integrity vs. Despair

    Minimum of 2 paragraphs for each main point
    Each point will need 2 resources (total of 16)
    Only scholarly articles
    EBSCO Periodical Databases
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Ebrary Online Books

Newspaper Article Analysis Paper



***PLEASE Answer to ALL Questions below

(3 page total)

Include the title of the article, author, date published, newspaper, and html address of
    the article if accessed on-line.
b. Include a one-page summary of the article detailing:
a.    The question/issue that the author is addressing and/or investigating
b.    The method/evidence that the author employs (i.e. demographics, statistics, interviews).
c.    Respond to the authors argument and main points by linking AT LEAST one theoretical framework from the class (i.e. a theory of migration, straight-line assimilation, segmented assimilation, etc.) and one empirical class reading
(File ATTACHED_IMMIGRATION/ URBANIZATION) to the article (properly cite the theory and reading and include the citation at the end

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Sociological Journal               

the Sociological Journal offers students the opportunity to write about connections between their own lives (including our larger social world) and sociological concepts interrogated in class. Students will write a total of THREE responses to the prompts below. Please address the entire prompt and make sure to thoroughly elaborate on the examples discussed. Your journal entries should be well organized, well-structured, and well-written. College-level writing is expected for this assignment.

Upload on Canvas as ONE document with the three journal entries clearly identifies (e.g., 1, 2, 3). The document will be reviewed by Turnitin.com, so please, make sure to cite your sources.

Format: Please, type this assignment using Times New Roman, 12-point font, use double space, and have 1-inch margins all around. Each journal response should be between 1-2 pages. Please include a title page and us


The goal of this final exam is to create a report centered on the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on immigrant communities.

The report will include the following sections:

    An introductory section presenting the most recent data on the pandemic for New York City, such as for instance, an update on the number of confirmed and probable cases/deaths, hospitalizations, and how the pandemic has affected different demographic groups. ***

    A section discussing the economic impact of the pandemic on immigrant communities.

    A section discussing the contribution of immigrants as essential workers, including immigrant health-care workers. The section will also identify the main reasons why immigrant workers are disproportionately vulnerable to the COVID19 pandemic.

    A section explaining why the infection rate for Hispanic communities is particularly alarming, and what is the impact of anti-

Theoretical Essay on Conversion to Latin American Protestantism and the Case for Religious Motivation

This is to be done in question and answer format
This question relates to the article, Conversion to Latin American Protestantism and the Case for Religious Motivation.

Part A.  How did the authors define deprivation theory as applied to religious conversion?
Part B.  What sources of data did they use to test deprivation theory?
Part C.  Did the analysis of the data support or reject deprivation theory?
Part D.  How did the authors modify/change the theory?



Step 1: Choosing your current event

Step 1: Choosing a topic
A current event refers to something that is happening in the world at present and they are usually described on the news and in mass media. I would like you to choose a media-based report of some current event that took place within the past year in the US.
These past couple of years have been a wild ride for society, and weve seen some major, large-scale shifts occur. Whether its this global pandemic, the uprising against police brutality and the movement for Black lives, or an influx of laws and policies that push the boundaries of basic human rights, as sociologically-minded people weve got a lot of material to work with.

In order to write the paper, you will need to do some background research on the event itself so you can answer the basic who, what, where, when, why, and how of it. This background information will help you write a solid introduction to your paper and give the nec

Sociological argument paper: Automation

Paper should be a substantive 4-6 page response to one of the following topics. For either topic, you will assess two distinct arguments and then draw your own conclusions based on the position that you hold. what will count in the grade for your final paper will be the clarity and organization of your writing, the clarity of the arguments that you are comparing and your providing of support for the arguments that you are exploring.

Topic B: automation
Q. is automation a good thing? or a bad thing? Inevitable? or preventable?
Discuss and assess these arguments


To prepare for this assignment, navigate the Drop the I-Word Campaign website, including the links (1) Three Reasons Why We Should Drop the I-Word;(Immigrant) (2) Journalist Reference Guide; and (3) I Am stories.

Watch the documentary Love, Life & The Virus, and thinking about the power of storytelling,  what is the contribution that firsthand immigrant stories make in the task of undoing the adverse effects of using the expression illegal immigrant such as dehumanization, cruelty, hate, fear, racism, and mass criminalization?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Derive themes from any chapter/s in the text. A 5 page, double-spaced will articulate a topic of inequality you find to be most important. For paper, select a City of your choosing (e.g Los Angeles or San Francisco or Phoenix) and employ one or a few key theories from the book to read its dynamics. (Community & Urban Sociology theories and key terms)

Additionally, your topic of choice could also be derived from a chapter topic in the text. The online text also contains hyperlinks to supplementary documentaries, lectures, and important websites, along with some unique case studies. You should use these to your advantage.

Text is free online at: fong-urbansociology.yolasite.com
Username: Traffic (capitalize t in traffic)
Pass: onvalleyblvd

Family Relations

1. What are some of the problems associated with Single-parent families and discuss the various ways that the single-parent families cope with their problems?
2. What are some of the challenges that children of single-parents face?
3. Identify the difficulties the interracial families in America have and they ways in which they cope with their problems.

4. Human beings are often considered social creatures. As social creatures, we all need intimacy. Please discuss what is meant by the following terms:
Describe what do we mean by the term loneliness?
What is the meaning of loneliness?
Please describe the differences between social loneliness and emotional loneliness.
What are the sources of loneliness?
What are the consequences of loneliness?