CEO Essay

CEO Essay
Background: ABX Corp is a fortune 1000 company. Karin Brooks is the new CEO. The prior CEO and CIO were asked to leave ABX because of the costly failure of several strategic I.T. projects.
Karin was a Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing at a competitor of ABX. She has minimal I.T. experience. Karin has interviewed many candidates for the open CIO position. She has narrowed the list down to several potential candidates. Karin is looking for someone that has a solid understanding of How I.T. can enable a company to achieve greater success. Furthermore, she does not want to experience the failures that befell her predecessors. Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the finalists for the CIO position.
Your Individual Assignment: Karin would like your ideas in writing on How I.T. can enable a company to achieve greater success.  It is understood that you have limited knowledge about ABX. Your response is to be generic and not specific to ABX. Your response is not about you or your I.T. experience. Karin knows you and your job history. Karin wants your ideas on this important question only. She will not be interested in technical jargon…she is looking for ideas that have Business Benefit.
In your own words, apply what we have learned in class (the key themes) regarding the I.T. organization and the role of the CIO. Your written response must be between 1000 and 1200 words (do not exceed 1200 words) and can be written as a letter or in a simple essay format. Please proceed the document with a short statement by identifying the theme(s) that you are writing about and a short rationale for your choice of themes. It must be a theme(s) from our class.
Karin will make her final decision on who gets the CIO job based on your ideas.


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