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Good evening peers,
For this week’s forum I will be elaborating on question number 2, Legislation “is powerless to eradicate racial instincts or to abolish distinctions based upon physical differences, and the attempt to do so can only result in accentuating the difficulties of the present situation.”
‘Separate but equal,’ is not within the constitution, but the statement found its place in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case. The court’s decision to grant legal segregation guided by the grounds that facilities meant for the colored community were not inferior to the white community (Valdez, p.66). The debate circulated as it carried some element of division by race. Constitutionally, an individual’s race should be kept secret if they used other race’s facilities, yet the sanity of the ruling was in its own way.
Ideally, the white race views itself superior to the colored community despite the constitution’s opposing view. The presence of an egotistic mindset by ‘man’ upholds the existence of this superiority complex. This has made the white community to hold a sense of power over the other colored community. The abolishment of this element within the socials setup demands the mingling of both the white community and the colored community (Valdez, p.66). However, this cannot be enforced by law as it is against one’s rights. Should the races, therefore, seek social equality, it is demanded that they embrace mutual acceptance of each other’s race and who they are in person. After all, from the look of it, should the colored race attain the same status as the white community, the power change will occur, and the whites will have the same difficulties faced by the colored community.
The effect of the Plessy vs. Ferguson case was crucial in defining the constitutionality of segregation by race. The case was also critical in allowing the colored lawyers to find grounds to overturn the segregation laws. The Jim Crow laws were abolished and reduced any infringement of the black community.
Works cited
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