Emergency Management

Communication and Design in the Identification of Organizational Disaster Needs Due by 11:59 p.m. EDT, July 3
My community is Sheepshead bay in Brooklyn NY. However that is to large to focus on so choose an apartment building in sheepshead and go from there. Sheepshead bay is a waterfront community so you may want to look into flooding. Below is the details for the paper.

Through primary and secondary research, you will write a detailed paper that (1) explains an entity within your community you want to work with and (2) addresses a need within that entity. Need is broadly defined, but is related directly to the threat youve researched. So, this could mean a lack of communication (maybe a social network plan is needed) or a lack of fire safety (maybe an evacuation plan is needed). For your community and entity, think small. Your community is not Brooklyn, N.Y. Instead, it is your immediate neighborhood. And your entity is an apartment building or church or school or X in that neighborhood.

Whatever the need, you must present significant evidence and explain why this is important to the entity. For example, the entity sits in a community vulnerable to wildfires and research shows wildfires hit this community once every two years, resulting in loss of life and $10 million+ damage. Do not explain how you will go about helping fix the need. Right now, youre identifying.

By now, you should have narrowed down your communitys threat. Once youve identified the threat, focus on who is most vulnerable to the threat and what is needed. Think of this as a four-step process, reflected below with examples. Your paper should reflect this process.

(1) What is a threat to the community? > research shows  the flu  hits hardest in the  Bryant Gardens neighborhood  of White Plains, N.Y. than any other area of the town.
(2) Who is most vulnerable to this threat? >  school children aged 4 to 9  are reported sick most often during flu seasons
(3) Who is the smallest, most vulnerable entity in your community to this threat? >
BG Elementary School  reported the most children aged 4 to 9 absent because of flu during the past 5 years
(4) What is their need? > Despite signage, school administrators say students seem to ignore materials on how to prevent getting sick.  New materials and/or communication methods that resonate with students/parents about flu prevention  is needed.
Previous work has included (1) setting up a communication corkboard in a library to inform the elderly population about how to prepare for tornadoes and (2) developing a fire evacuation plan for 10 vulnerable people living in an apartment building. While I encourage your work to focus on emergency management needs, it does not have to reflect this discipline.

Keep in mind the following items:
Be as specific as possible:  Detail is key, i.e.,  severe weather  storm flooding.
You must present a substantial piece of work:  This is not a two-page report. While there
is no exact word count, you must show originality in the application of knowledge, skills, and
problem solving. Most effective papers usually run between 5 and 7 pages.
Provide examples:  Show the work youve done so far. Primary research is the research
you do in the field, i.e., talking to people and/or conducting surveys (Google Forms provides an excellent opportunity to create an online survey). Secondary research is the research that already exists, i.e., online information, journals, books, etc. Examples should be included as appendices.
12 point, Arial, single spaced


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