Here are your instructions

First, choose ONE of the two prompts to answer in order to complete your Midterm exam. Please answer ALL PARTS OF THE PROMPT.
Answer the prompt with sources including the following: (1) evidence from Chapters One through Five in the text (when applicable); (2) at least one peer reviewed article from the TWU Library data bases (i.e.) MEDLINE Plus and/or from the journal resources course tab in the course shell; and (3) with at least one media clip available on YouTube or another internet source, which provides support for your point of view.
Keep these things in mind as you answer the questions and follow the directions in the prompt that you choose:
As you answer, make sure to quote or paraphrase one main point to support your answer to each question in the prompt from Chapters 1 through 5 in the Rosen (2015) text. (Make sure to use APA 6th edition format in text and in your reference list.)
Choose at least ONE peer reviewed article, and state why you chose the article. Also, specifically explain at least three points from this article that support your answer. (Please quote or paraphrase using APA 6th edition format.)
Choose one media clip from an internet source that provides a visual representation that can help you answer your question. State at least three reasons why this media clip helps to support your answer.  (Please cite the video in APA 6th edition format.)
Your response to all parts of the prompt should be a TOTAL word count of between 500 to 1000 words of content.
You are required to provide a reference list.
Any midterm submitted without a reference list or without proper in text citations will receive a reduction in points. However, your reference list is NOT included in your required word count.
Prompt One:

What is the relationship between sanitation and public health problems discussed in Chapters One through Five of the Rosen (2015) textbook? Give a few examples from each chapter you read.
What were some details about the discussion of sanitation by Rosen (2015), which really helped you to understand more about public health and contagious disease from Greco-Roman times through the 19th century?
How does your journal article enhance or clarify the information you read in your text book?
Why did you choose the media clip as a visual illustration of the concept of historical problems with sanitation, health, and contagious diseases, and how is it relevant to answer this prompt?
Prompt Two:

What were the major disease risks discussed in Chapters One through Five of your text, and why were these problems so relevant in each time period discussed?
Which time period (presented in Chapters 1 through 5) did you find most interesting and/or dangerous for public health, and why?
Why did you choose the media clip as a visual illustration of the concept of historical problems with disease outbreaks, and how is it relevant to answer this prompt?


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