Module 7

These weekly reaction papers are designed to test your critical thinking and application skills. Each week, you will be tasked with answering pertinent ethical questions about &/or creating evidenced-based remedies for various forms of miscarriages of injustice. Each response paper must be 300-600 words and clearly and effectively respond to all parts of the prompt. You can be less formal than you would be in a standard research paper, however, write as if you are writing for a public audience. That is, professionally and grammatically correct. You must cite at least 2 of the assigned resources (papers, lectures, videos, etc.) per moduleyou can also cite outside material from your own research. However, outside sources do not count toward your required citations. In-text citations and a reference section are required.
The wrongfully imprisoned who eventually regain their freedom suffer profound economic losses. Studies show that over 90 percent of exonerees lost all their assets — savings, vehicles, houses — while imprisoned. Of those who are able to get jobs after their release, most are paid less than they earned prior to their imprisonment and, when corrected for inflation and unemployed exonerees, the vast majority of exonerees never recover their pre-conviction earning potential. In addition to the vast economic consequences, there are countless more tangible and intangible losses experienced such as mental and emotional health damage, loss of family members &/or loss of relationships with family members, etc. which can never be fully measured, healed, or restored.
Imagine you have just been released from a New Jersey prison after serving a ten-year sentence for a crime you did not commit. Describe a plan of action for the first year you are out of prison. Discuss the specific problems or deficits you might face, as well as the strengths and resources you will draw on to help you with the transition from prison to community. You must identify four real services or resources in your area (can be statewide but try to stay as local as possible) you will utilize to help you in the process of reentry from prison to the community and incorporate these resources into your plan. Provide web links to the resources you choose. 


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