Nursing Informatics

*Summarize my personality type, change theories, and my time management assessment, describe how they can enhance or hinder effective leadership in the health care environment.
* Describe the role of nursing informatics.
* Explain how nursing informatics or technology in health care will help or hinder your leadership.
Support your responses with examples.
Include 2- scholarly journal article references.
Additional information:
    Below is the link to view my personality type:
    Change Theories:
*Environmental Change Theory: Change is dependent on variables such as circumstances, situations, and environment. Social systems evolve naturally over time but organizations are often unable to plan for change. But change happens as a result of environmental factors that keep undergoing change for survival.
*Teleological Change: Also known as planned change, scientific management, or rational models, it includes planning, assessment, incentive and rewards, stakeholder analysis and engagement, leadership, scanning, strategy, restructuring, and re-engineering. Organizations are purposeful and adaptive and their internal decisions motivate intentional change.
*Life Cycle: It focuses on the importance of human beings in the change process and emphasizes on systematic individual change. It also gives importance to the stages of organizational growth, maturity, and decline. Change is part of a stage and is progressive and rational. Change is a natural progression and does not occur because people want it or see it as necessary; it occurs due to individuals adapting to the organization’s life cycle.
Management is central to the change and assists individuals through training and motivational techniques.
    My time management assessment:
-scored 28 points.
-If you score between 22 and 28 you are like most people. Look at the suggestions in part one to improve your time management skills.

Suggestions in part one:
1.I take advantage of my learning style. I know the strategies that help me to learn best and I use them
2. I have a monthly calendar to help me keep track of my activities and obligations.
3. I have a weekly calendar to help me keep track of my activities and obligations.
4. Every morning I write down a list of the things I have to do.
5. Any time I feel that there are too many things I have to do, I take a few minutes to sit down and organize myself.
6. When I first get to work, I take a few minutes to figure out the things I have to do throughout the day.
7. I have all of my phone numbers in one place.
8. I have stacks of papers that represent things I have to do.
9. I use self-stick note papers to remind me of the things I have to do.
10. I carry a calculator, so I can do math faster.
11. I am not afraid to ask people for information that I need.
12. I choose to do my work at times when I’m most alert.
13. I schedule the tasks I don’t like to do between the tasks that I like so that I work faster on the things I don’t like to do in order to get to the tasks I enjoy doing.
14. I do two tasks at the same time when one of them requires waiting.
15. I make a budget to manage my money. I know how much money to put in the bank and what bills to pay off right when I get paid.
16. I know my environmental preferences and make sure I work under those conditions whenever possible.
17. I get enough sleep, exercise, and eat good food. I am in good health.
18. I often review my future goals and obligations.

Using APA format and resources from the following (e.g. ,  http://cdc. gov , , Websites  or government websites to support your work. Use the additional information to help your research.


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