Parent Child Relationships

Please submit a thoughtful response to two of your classmates.

Response 1:
This video had good ideas but I think that they could be tweaked for the modern day teen. The first tip is smart, creating boundaries for their child. Just like video games, having screen time limits and designated charging stations outside of the bedroom of the child will help with late night scrolling. Most smart phone are customizable and you can take off the option for a passcode. If the parent feels like the child is too glued to their phone, asking them to do a positive activity with them while will be beneficial for both parent and child. I dont think someone should intimidate their child though causing unnecessary anxiety. Be clear about the expectations your are trusting they will follow and if they arent, then discipline as needed. Consistency is key in parenting. Even young children see when there parents are not consistent in their discipline and actions. I do think that if parents show that they dont go back on their word, teens will be careful about their choices on their phones. The last 2 tips were the best overall. Every single action a parent does has an effect on their child. If a parent is on their phone all the time and doesnt engage with their child, that effects the childs self esteem. Also, parents who are glued to their phone are unable to provide a good example for healthy phone habits for their children. I didnt learn about coping skills until college. They helped me tremendously and I think that they can come in all forms. However, phone usage isnt a healthy coping skills because often times in teens it will lead to more bad than good. Helping your child finds hobbies, encouraging their creativity, and helping them find ways to express their emotions away from the screen are all great ways to stop overusing cellphones. If I had been taught these things, I think that I would have been better emotionally at a young age and not spent so much time on Instagram and Snapchat.

Response 2:
Modeling Healthy Behavior

I do believe that it is extremely important for parents to act the role they want their children to play because children will do as they see parents do, rather than what parents say not to do.

No Phone with Homework

This is a reasonable rule. However, if there is no computer at home the child may have to use the phone to complete a homework assignment. Therefore, the parent may have to monitor the use of the cell phone.

Phones at the Dinner Table

Growing up we did not have cell phones. We had landlines, better known as house phones. That was a time when families ate together at the dinner table and would not get up during a meal to answer the house phone. Instead families spent quality time interacting with one another at the dinner table. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone at the table, either googling, texting, searching, or posting. Therefore, I agree cell phones at the table, during a meal, is off limits. Keeping in mind that interactions are vital to the wellbeing and development of the family structure.


I must be very honest; this is an area I could have done better at with my son. I would give punishments by taking away video games for a week. That may have lasted for 2 to 3 days before I gave in, returning the video game back and saying I mean it, if you do it again I am taking the game back and will keep it for the entire week. This was not great parenting on my part at all. I eventually had to take car keys, cell phones etc. and keep them the duration of the punishment. I believe the inconsistencies on my part made this more difficult than it would have been had I been consistent all along.


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