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Approach:  answer some combination of the the following QUESTIONS AS AN ESSAY. Again, you should present the answers IN THE FORM OF AN ESSAY (Intro, main points, conclusion)

Possible Essay Questions

1. What type of document is this? (Ex. Newspaper, telegram, map, letter, memorandum, congressional record)

2. For what audience was the document written?

3. What do you find interesting or important about this document?

4. Is there a particular phrase or section that you find particularly meaningful or surprising?

5. What does this document tell you about life in this culture at the time it was written?

    1. Write an essay (introduction, main points/body, conclusion) of MORE THAN 1100 words;
    2. In your own words – if you must quote, count the cut-n-pasted word count of the quote AND ADD IT
              TO THE 1100 word minimum requirement. 350 words in quotes means the essay should total
              MORE than 1450 words.
    3. Adhere to rules of English grammar, spelling and punctuation
    4. Keep the phrasing in the THIRD PERSON and the tense in the past.
              (“One may conclude” not “I believe”, and “They WERE” not “They ARE”

Essays should be double-spaced, 12pt font, with one-inch margins all around. Citations should be given only at the bottom of the page or end of the paper, as FOOTNOTES or ENDNOTES, NOT IN THE TEXT OF THE ESSAY. However, students are expected to write the entire essay in their own words and SHOULD NOT use quotations. In other words, essays should be ENTIRELY in YOUR OWN WORDS. Footnotes or endnotes, as appropriate, should be the same font size as the text, or smaller, single-spaced, and at the bottom of the page or the end of the paper, NOT IN THE TEXT.

Again, all papers must have an introduction with a clearly stated thesis statement or argument. The introduction should indicate what the paper is about, what arguments will be made, and how those arguments will be supported in the body of the paper. The main body of the paper should develop and support, with detail and examples, those points laid out in the introduction. The conclusion should summarize the findings and/or arguments of the paper, but should refrain from introducing any new facts or arguments. Students are expected to write all exam essays in their own words and SHOULD NOT use quotations from any sources. Correct application of the rules of grammar and punctuation, and accurate spelling, are required. All questions of grammar and punctuation will be resolved with reference to the Chicago Manual of Style. The use of personal pronouns such as I, me, my, and you are always to be avoided. Triple/quadruple spacing between paragraphs is always to be avoided. Direct quotes from primary or secondary sources are always to be avoided. All foreign terms (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, etc.), except names of people, places, or other foreign terms accepted as part of the English language are always to be underlined. Other specifications concerning style will be noted in writing to the class as required. 


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