Professional Dispositions

There will be a question and there will be two answers from my classmates. Please respond to both of their answers. Split the amount of words between the two.

QUESTION: Review the summative student teaching evaluation (Clinical Practice Evaluation 4) located on the Student Success Center. Using the evaluation, assess your current performance on each component of the evaluation (Professional Dispositions, InTASC standards, and Specialized Professional Association (SPA) standards). Reflect on your areas of strength. What evidence is there to demonstrate your competence in these areas? Share how you plan to strengthen the areas of opportunity.

CLASSMATE #1/H: Clinical Evaluation 4 shows me what is expected for the student teaching practicum. Most of the areas beinging evaluated comes naturally. This helps know exactly what I need to prepare for. I hope that I will be able to be proficient enough in professional disposition, TASC standards, and SPA Standards.

My strengths are honesty, fairness, professional conduct, and advocacy. These students that I am working with are mostly freshman. I am learning them and they are learning me. There impression of me is very important.  Good impressions are foundations for building trust and relationships with students. There are lots of different learning levels within the classroom, making sure that all my students needs are met is important. There are lots of different cultures and backgrounds within the classrooms. We are a very high proverty school district . Education is very important for  my students. I have had great success with meeting student where they are no matter what.

I have some improving to do in some areas and with the help of my mentor teacher I should be be able to reach my goals.

CLASSMATE #2/M: For “Professional Dispositions” I assessed a distinguished grade of between 93 to 100. To justify this, I think that I consistently show high expectations to my mentor and have done well teaching in front of her. Moreover, I show a marked respect for diversity and try to be as fair as possible when grading and assessing formatively. Also, I have shown substantial dedication and professional conduct, while doing very well reflecting on my experiences in the classroom.

For InTASC standards, I determined that my grade should be 80-92 or proficient. I am proud of this because as a student teacher I am meeting the requirements necessary while still having room for continued growth. With application of content, learning differences, and assessment, I am still learning my trade; that is to say, still trying to understand what the best practices are for my students. Elsewhere, with the other aspects (such as content knowledge) I do better. My mentor has stated this.

For SPA standards, in my case for science, I again assessed that a distinguished grade. This is due to the fact that I have good knowledge of the subject matter and have passed the Praxis exams needed to teach science. Further, my mentor as stated that I have a really good knowledge base and have created some very good lab lessons for implementing science standards.


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