Renewable Energy Systems in Tokelau

Energy systems can come in a variety of sizes and complexities. For instance, the Western Interconnection spans from British Columbia to the Mexico border, servicing millions of homes, business and industries with a diverse portfolio of power supply resources, including oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectricity and other renewables. However, energy systems aren’t always that large.

The island nation of Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand, encompassing three atolls, with a combined land area of 10 square kilometers. Approximately, 1,500 residents live on the island and industries are limited to agriculture and other small-scale enterprises.

Prior to 2013, Tokelau has had electricity supplied by three sets of three diesel generator systems. In 2010, Tokelau began a transition from diesel to a hybrid renewable system, almost entirely eliminating diesel usage on the island. This energy transition has radically change how energy is provided. A report was written to summarize the project results, which serves as an interesting case study in a real-life energy transition of an entire energy system.

Download the case study: Tokelau, Renewable Case Study, March 13
Write a report (600-700 words) that is APA formatted and referenced.
You must have at least 5 academic sources, two of which can be the courses texts or the Tokelau case study itself.
The report should include the following information:
Identification of the case study reviewed
An description of the supply-side of the Tokelau energy system before and after the renewable energy project, highlighting the unique aspects of an isolated electric grid
Sketch out the old diesel energy system and new renewable energy system using the building blocks outlined in Unit 2.
Evaluate the project benefits, particularly the economic business case.
Evaluate project challenges and barriers
Discuss how implementing a hybrid renewable system in Tokelau may be different than investing in solar photovoltaics, say in a large Canadian urban community.
Discuss how the lessons learned from the Tokelau renewable project could be applied in Canada. HINT: Where does Canada have isolated electric grids?


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