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  • Week 9 Assignment: Persuasive Speech
    Due: Week 9
    Points: 180Skill(s) Being Assessed: Communication (oral, persuasion)Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:
    • Deliver a presentation with clear and consistent audio (speech clarity) and visual quality throughout.
    • Deliver a presentation of appropriate length (34 minutes).
    • Develop a logically organized speech that includes all required components (introduction, main and supporting points, conclusion), and uses effective transitions.
    • Craft an introduction that engages the audience, previews main points, and presents a clear message.
    • Develop a conclusion that reinforces the central idea and uses a strong closing.
    • Verbally cite at least two credible sources during the speech that support or reinforce the main points.
    • Use ethos, logos, and pathos effectively to persuade the audience.
    • Deliver a professional communication expressed through appropriate language, expressive voice and appropriate tone, natural gestures, and strong eye contact.
    • What to submit/deliverables: 34 minute video speech. What is the value of doing this assignment? Writing and speaking clearly and powerfully is critical throughout your professional and academic careers. You might have to present to your supervisor or colleagues, to your peers in another course, or even to your local school board. This assignment gives you an opportunity to practice your communication skill. It will show that you can effectively deliver a persuasive speech. This assignment asks you to use what youve learned during the course about actively listening, responding in the workplace, and persuasive communication to effectively deliver a persuasive speech.Your goal for this assignment is to: Practice your oral and written communication skills. You will do this by creating and delivering a persuasive speech on a collaboration tool.What you need to complete this assignment: To complete this assignment, you will need the following resources:
    • .
    • Kaltura or mobile device to record video.
    • Previously composed speech outline.
    • Steps to complete: In Week 9, complete and submit your assignment in BlackBoard using the following steps:STEP 1: Review the scenario from the Week 3 and 7 Assignments.Scenario: Your organization recently shifted to remote work. Since that time, you have heard complaints from a few co-workers concerning the lack of collaboration tools and difficulty effectively collaborating in a remote environment. You also know that your supervisor has recently received a number of complaints concerning the companys online collaboration tools. Because of these complaints, your supervisor is in search of technology that can be used to effectively facilitate remote collaboration.Your co-worker recently left you a voicemail message expressing extreme frustration with the lack of collaboration tools and has asked if there is something that can be done to help the organization select and implement a collaboration tool. As a team leader and as part of the task force researching collaboration tools, you have been asked to present on one collaborative tool – providing context on the tool and the advantages of adopting the tool. Your goal is to convince the leadership team to adopt one collaborative tool for use throughout the organization.STEP 2: Use the speech outline you created in Week 7 to develop your speech.STEP 3: Practice your speech.STEP 4: Record your speech in Kaltura.STEP 5: Submit your video file in BlackBoard. Note: Please verify you can be clearly heard and seen in the video before submitting.NOTE: You can also use your mobile device and upload your recording to Blackboard. However, recording through Kaltura using and is the recommended option.Watch the Week 9 Assignment Overview video to help you get started with this assignment:


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