A Report on Consumer Behaviour

Pre-purchase considerations / issues. This will include an analysis of the factors that influence your consumer target market including the likely trigger and relevant motivations, personality traits, attitudes, social groups and culture and the pre-purchase process from trigger to search to evaluation of alternatives depending on their level of involvement (tip: refer to relevant theory from the core text, lecture slides and readings). 


Purchase considerations / issues focusing on the store environment and customer purchase experience including the interplay between in-store and online customer experiences. Include relevant theory on perceptual process and sensory factors and the impact of who your target market may be shopping with and other people in the store (social processes). 


Post-purchase considerations / issues: this may include issues related to cognitive dissonance actual consumption, disposal and (e) word of mouth communication such as online reviews. 

(guidelines word limit for section 2: approximately 1250 words)


Part 3

Recommendations for store manager on how to improve customer journey and purchase experience at your store (and how the in-store and online store experience inter-link). Make sure that your recommendations are based on and link to your earlier analysis of the customer journey and experience in section 2. Recommendations are stronger if they are specific, and demonstrate consideration of resource implications. 

(guidelines word limit for section 3: approximately 750 words)


References – this must include the core text, important readings from the module (e.g.Tauber’s paper Why Do People Shop? – see link on week 1 reading list) sources of secondary and primary data (e.g. Mintel and the Westfield presentation); and any additional sources (e.g. a recent article from Marketing Week).


Appendices this may include, for example, a table of practical details of your observations (primary data) and any supplementary secondary data tables or figures


Students are encouraged to use photographs, charts and diagrams throughout their work. Include visual material at the point where you refer to them in the main body of your report. This will make it easier for the reader to follow your arguments. 


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