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Each research paper must be 3 to 5 pages (double space only…….you WILL be downgraded for a page count over five pages…..follow my instructions), excluding the bibliography and endnotes. Remember, approximately 250 TO 300 words is usually one page. Font size MUST not exceed 12 point, no excessive margins – I will strongly enforce this rule! There is NO cover page; the first page must include your name in the upper left corner, nothing more! Your bibliography is not included in the page count. Again, this is a research paper. You may also include digital references, periodicals, articles, etc. All specifics must have in text citations.  Credible research must include substantiation! Substantiation is critical. 
“IF YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT….CITE IT”…..all dates, quotes, statistical and financial data as well as historic specifics and obscurities must be properly sourced or cited in your research, otherwise it is simply not credible information.  This applies to both the two research papers as well as the term project. This actually applies to ALL research documents. 
Be sure you number each page in the lower right corner on each page, not doing so will result in a downgrade. 
In addition, the REQUIRED writing style is APA….all papers must be written in the APA style. Please refer to the website: www.apastyle.org for detailed instructions OR fitnyc.libguides.com/ citations…….please be informed, you will be downgraded if you do not follow this writing style.
The paper will focus on economic OR legal systems and OR the political landscape  OR the technological assets (again, as this applies and impacts fashion merchandising)  within your selected country. Realize your papers are only five pages maximum, so you cannot possibly cover all three topics, but there will most certainly be overlap….no problem……You will explore and research how the economic OR political and OR the legal landscape OR technology within the country has shaped apparel merchandising policies and processes, focus on one of the areas. Has the legal system or government encouraged or restricted the fashion industry within your selected country, are there any global or well known fashion or merchandising companies originating in your selected country? You could also BRIEFLY highlight how those approaches are different to merchandising done in America. I would focus on one of the topics, either the economy of the country OR the legal system OR the political landscape in your selected country, after all your research is only 3 to 5 pages, the topics may easily overlap, no problem but you must intelligently edit accordingly
Lastly, you are expected to conduct research and discuss existing ideas. Personal views, opinions and experiences are welcomed, but should not replace solid, focused and credible research as the most important component of the paper. I expected these research papers to reflect where you are in your college career, as a result, spelling, grammar, format, consulted works and substantiations will be held in the highest regard. I look forward to reading your work, enjoy the process!


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