Assessment & Selection of a Graduate Trainee Manager Custom Essay

The individual component – Short report (2000 words)
The report should contain a literature review on the subject of assessment and management competencies
The Literature Review must be referenced in line with Harvard style referencing
A CRITICAL review of the various assessments that you intend to use in your Recommendations – Might think about working backwards
Define your competencies and key behaviours FIRST
The Conclusions and Recommendations should be written in 3rd person but no referencing needed.
The subject of the report:
Selection and assessment of a graduate trainee manager
How do companies conduct the process of selection assessment?
Many companies do not do it very well
Many use the traditional approach (NOT sufficient for a management job)
How might we optimise the process to ensure optimal organisational functioning and the fit between what people can do and the jobs that they are selected to do?
A poor selection process will result in organisational failures but also will have negative consequences for the employee
Coursework details:

• The coursework is a short management report which will present a solution to an issue in assessment and selection of a Graduate Trainee Manager
• The word limit is 2000 words (+/- 10%).
• You will be presented with a case study entitled “Eazy Street Records.” The Individual Component
o See the template for an understanding of how the report should be presented. Full guidance will be given during the dedicated assignment tutorial
o The report has a number of sections:
• Front cover
• Contents page
• Executive summary
• Review of the literature
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• Bibliography
o The word count of 2000 +/- 10% is made up of:
• Review of the literature
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• You are then expected to choose three management competencies that you deem important from the research in the literature review in relation to a graduate trainee manager. You will then develop two Key Behaviours for each competency. These will then be linked to the various assessments in the recommendations section.
The Management Report is made up of a number of sections and accordingly, each section attracts a number of marks. A grade is also given for overall presentation.

• Executive summary 15%
• Review of the literature 25%
• Conclusions 15%
• Recommendations 25%
• Bibliography `and in-text referencing 10%
• Presentation (overall presentation of the document and to include the front cover and contents page) 10%


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