Criminal Justice System Outside Activities


  • This assignment is designed to provide you with a first-hand opportunity to learn about the particular area of The Criminal Justice System that most interests you. 


  • You will be required to attend two approved outside activities involving The Criminal Justice System. Write a fiveā€page paper describing your experience during the activities, research the subject of your activities, and your personal reflection of your experience.


  • The student needs find out as much as possible about the subject:
    • History
    • Background
    • Responsibilities
    • Qualifications
    • Challenges
  • Some examples of outside activities are:
    • Ride along
    • Tour a CJS facility
    • Attend a court hearing
    • Volunteer experience
      • The student must choose and obtain approval for each activity.


  • Maintain a professional or academic tone.
    • A reflection paper is personal and objective, but you should still keep your thoughts organized and sensible.
  • Elicit your informed opinions
    • About ideas presented in your research
    • Consider how they affect you
    • What do  you know about this topic?
    • Where does your existing knowledge come from?
    • What are the observations or experiences that shape your understanding?


  • 1st Page: COVER PAGE
    • The cover page must include
      • Title
      • Student’s name
      • Date of submission.

Next five pages (CONTENT):

  • The paper must be a minimum of five pages.
  • The use of charts, graphs, and pictures is strongly encouraged.
    • They do NOT count as part of your text but will earn bonus points for extra effort and creativity.
  • Papers will be graded on content and format, as well as neatness, spelling, punctuation, proper usage of the English language. The ability to write well and to utilize available resources is an important skill for any Criminal Justice Professional.
  • The text must be double-spaced with one-inch (1”) top side, and bottom margins. Note: this page has 1” margins.  Hold it against yours to check your margins—because I will!
  • The font may be no larger than 12 pts.
  • The font must be 12 pt. Times New Roman, or Arial.
  • Do not type the text of you paper in boldface type, except to emphasize specific words or phrases.
  • Type only in black type.
  • Paragraphs should be indented ½”. Since the paper is double-spaced, do NOT leave extra spaces between paragraphs.


The conclusion paragraph of your paper should summarize your main points. Do not add new content in the conclusion.


  • Your bibliography (page listing your resources) should appear at the end of your report. Your sources, including your interviewees, should appear in alphabetical order, last name first.  Information should be as complete and precise as possible.
  • Interviews should include the person’s name and title, and the date/time/place of the interview.
  • Books should contain the author’s name, the title of the book. The publisher, place and date of publication, and page numbers you used.
  • Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) should cite the author’s name, the name of the article used, the name of the magazine used, the volume number or issue, and the pages used.
  • Internet sources should include an author’s or publisher’s name (if known) as well as the complete Web address. 

The references must be formatted in APA style. (See APA section below for helpful information.)

Facts, Conclusions, and Opinions

To clarify the instructions (above), here are some examples of facts, conclusions, and opinions: 

  • An example of a fact is: In Utah, murder occurs when a person intentionally or knowingly causes the death of another person.
    • Facts consist of information that cannot be reasonably disputed.  
  • An example of a conclusion is: O.J. Simpson committed (or didn’t commit) the crime of murder.
    • Conclusions are judgments made after analyzing the facts.
  • An example of an opinion is: We should pass laws aimed at reducing gun ownership.
    • This statement is not verifiable through the scientific method of research. 

Gateway Requirements

Papers will not be accepted for grading unless they meet the following criteria. If they do not meet this criteria, they will be returned for revisions, but must be re-submitted by the “lock out” date in Canvas. 

  • Your paper must be 4-5 pages in length.Papers outside of this length range will not be accepted.
    • Be concise. You do not have to discuss all similarities and differences. 
  • Your References page must provide the links to two Utah laws and two laws from another state.
    • You must cite the actual state laws (primary sources), not secondary sources, such as “.com” websites.

APA Formatting (Helpful Information)

http://www.access-to-law.com/citation/videos/citing_const_statutes.html (Links to an external site.)



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