European IP Law and its impact on intellectual property rights. Peer to Peer downloads and Internet protection Custom Essay

European IP Law and its impact on intellectual property rights. Peer to Peer downloads and Internet protection

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What we need is a proposal along the following guidelines, as provided by our supervisors:
2. The Plan is not a ‘mini-assignment’, it is not assessed and there are no formalities involved with the submission. That said, the bullet points below offer some guidance.
a. Formulate a Title.
b. This initial plan should be no more than 1000 words.
c. It should give a preliminary indication of your intended reading materials.
d. There is no need to reference the plan.
If you can do this properly, let us know otherwise please refund our payment. If we’re happy with this, will assign you the ALR and then the full dissertation paper, 15,000 – 18,000 words.

In a phrase by phrase comparison, here’s the opening of my alleged “proposal” as plagiarized clumsily by your writer. “In the current electronic world, intellectual property (IP) has emerged to be the major assets for their respective organizations (Kamardeen, 2015). In situations whereby a particular firm undertakes the legal frameworks for dictating ownership and IP usage, it can realize high savings on time and finances and avoiding frustrations and litigations. The internet’s advent has brought revolution in the mechanisms through which information exchange takes place between different individuals (“Patenting of Biosimilars?”, 2014). Some tools have changed human perceptions regarding quick information access the internet, however, the high levels of computing and internet have disabled the application of traditional IP laws (Roughton, 2008). Despite the common belief, only because it is simple to distribute information by use of internet does not guarantee the right of that path. My thesis proposal will entail my findings on the research regarding writing corporate policy towards protecting IPR and its essentiality for various reasons.” And here’s the relevant opening of the Ubiquity 2004 article. Find any similarities? “In today’s electronic world, an organization’s intellectual property is sometimes its biggest asset. Much time andmoney can be saved, and frustration and litigation avoided if company policy dictates ownership and use of intellectual property. The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way information is exchanged between people. Few other tools have changed our perceptions about quick access to information as the Internet has. However, the spread of computing and the Internet have made it difficult to apply traditional intellectual property laws. Despite popular belief, just because it’s easy to distribute information using the Internet does not mean that it’s right to do so. In this paper I argue that writing corporate policy protecting intellectual property rights is essential for many reasons.” If I was in the mood and had the time, I would shoot down the whole document, but since this time (or so I hope) you will get a decent writer to write an original, there’s no point. Simply so that you are aware so no other naïve student looking for a decent service will have to go through the same headache.


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