Gerontology Paper

For this assignment, you are required to read the “Finding the Frame” article found under the content section of Beachboard. Your assignment is to type a 3-4-page essay on how aging and ageism impacts our society. Use this essay as an opportunity to frame your own solution to the issues presented in this report and discuss what your recommendations would be to change the direction of this narrative. You will also discuss what must happen at various governmental levels to have your solutions executed, in your opinion (Reality Check section, see below). Devote 1-1 ½ page(s) to a summary of the issue(s), and the rest of the paper should be used to present your thoughts on your possible solutions. In addition to the Finding the Frame article, please reference a minimum of three outside sources related to your paper (at least four total sources, your textbook may be a source as well). Keep in mind, this is a narrative paper (first person) and the purpose of this assignment is for you to think critically about the issue of ageism/ aging and explore your thoughts, feelings and solutions on these issues. Write creatively and honestly in explaining your ideas and what society will look like when your solutions are implemented. Furthermore, discuss specific ways you would put your solutions into place. Imagine that it is all up to you and you alone to make these aging issues better and more manageable, what steps are you going to take at various levels to better ageism issues. Format: 3-4 pages, APA (6th ed)- Double-spaced; Times New Roman, Size 12 Font, with a minimum of four sources (including Finding the Frame article) cited in APA format. ***Do not forget to cite sources in text, as well as in a reference list. No Title page and Abstract necessary. Reference Page is not included in page count 





For more information please follow up with the instruction document in the attachment and the needed paper is also in the attachment as well. 

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