How Psychosocial Illnesses During Adolescence Impacts Criminal Patterns in Adulthood

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Good evening class,

I wanted to share some additional notes to support you with writing your next assignment: Literature Review, Proposed Research with Hypothesis, and Reference Page which is due tomorrow, 6/17/22 by 11:59 PM.

Your Literature Review should include summaries of at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles (the 1 you already did and 9 more). The Introduction to Proposed Research is a summary of the previous research that includes what you think is missing from the previous research, the purpose of your proposed research, your research question, and your hypothesis. Your Reference page should contain every reference used in your paper and should be in proper APA formatting.

Here are some other important notes:

PLEASE follow this format for your article summaries:

What was the research question/hypothesis? (2 sentences)

In general, who were the participants? (2 sentences)

Do not tell me what language they spoke.

Do not tell me how they were recruited (or where they were recruited from).

Do not tell me how they were compensated.

In general, what did the participants do (i.e. what was the procedure)? (3-4 sentences)

This should be a summary

You do not need to include the name of the assessments that were used but it should be clear what they were trying to measure (like if the participants were given the Kaplan Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment (KBNA) you could say The participants were given a standardized test to measure various areas of cognitive abilities. or you could say The participants were given portions of a neurocognitive assessment to measure their memory.

In general, what were the results? (1-3 sentences)

No numbers

Just tell me general findings

In general, what did the researchers conclude (this should relate back to their research question/hypothesis)? (1-2 sentences)

When organizing your article summaries in your literature review, you should start with the article that is LEAST related to your topic and end with the article most related. The last article in your literature review should be the most similar to your proposed research.

If your paper is about anxiety and shopping addiction, its all right to start your literature review with an article that is only focused on anxiety or only related to shopping addiction, but the remaining articles should be about both.

Your Introduction to Proposed Research summary should be similar; discuss the least related previous research first and then end with the most related.

You will also incorporate what you feel is missing from the previous research. (What do you think should be looked at further?)

Then describe how your proposed research will answer that missing piece and explain the purpose of your research.

Next, you should discuss your research question and hypothesis. Remember, the hypothesis should answer your question.

The Introduction to Proposed Research summary should include proper citations.

Your References page should have a hanging indent and be in alphabetical order. Here are examples of what properly formatted references should look like on your reference page:

Overall, please check the Owl Purdue website for support with transitions between your paragraphs and APA formatting. Keep in mind that you should be following the guidelines for the APA 7 Professional Paper and not the Student Paper.


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