How would you gather information about the job context and environment?

You are the HR manager for a commercial airline. You have been assigned to develop a realistic job preview for flight attendants. Your objective is to give a balanced picture of the job so that applicants will better understand what they will be asked to do. Job duties, schedules, and other facets of the job should all be well understood early in the recruiting process to avoid poor P/E fit later on.

  1. How would you gather information about the job context and environment? Explain what sources you would use and why.
  2. How could you use technology to show the positive and negative aspects of the job

Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format.  You must have a minimum of two sources to support your answer.

Students are required to post their primary response (200 word minimum) by Wednesday midnight. Students will respond to at least 2 other postings (150 words minimum each) by Sunday midnight.

Response 1 (Archana Mandela)

A best way to gather information about the job context and environment is by interviewing current airline attendants and knowing answers to how they perform their current job. Know about how many hours they are required to work, know about the extent of requirements for that position and the extent of training that is needed and if any certifications are necessary. Pre-employment screening like a basic electronic assessment screening can be used to screen candidates and evaluate them from a pool of resumes received for particular position (Mathis et al, 2017).  Getting permission from a potential candidate to contact previous employers that the applicant worked previously to validate the genuinity of his work experience can be another way to gather information. An application time limit also is useful for how long an application form is kept active by a company, letting candidates to apply duly and in a timely manner.

Electronic assessment screening is a way to show of how technology is used in screening employees for a particular job position (Wright, 2006). These assessments are used to evaluate and track applications of hundreds of resumes submitted for one or more jobs. Responding to these applications would be a difficult and technology here comes handy in replying each and every one and sort out potential resumes. This speed up the screening process. Another way of using technology is by obtaining information for a candidate from his/her social networking media. The role of LinkedIn is a best example of how technology has made hiring or finding a best candidate for the position. This made not only the candidates apply for a particular job, but also the company in reaching to a potential candidate based on his info on his profile and his endorsements that he/she received from his past work experiences.

Conclusion: Since a potential candidate is unaware of the job responsibilities, it is the company’s responsibility to have a realistic job preview of the job. A company needs to invest time and money in creating an effective recruiting method to fill its jobs. Though gathering information from candidate’s social networking profiles is a practice in today’s recruiting methodology, it can have negative consequences for both companies and applicants. The legality and appropriateness of this method of screening is highly questionable because many organizations access this information without any consistency or regarding to the job demand (Mathis et al, 2017). There is a chance to lead company into a religious or sexual orientation discrimination against the applicant. This data should only be used as a basic employee record rather than as a decision making factor in the hiring process.


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Response 2 (Praveen jetty)

Job evaluation information can be accumulated in a spread of procedures. One hobby is who is to conduct the approach evaluation. Most often, a member of the HR workforce coordinates this effort. Depending on which of the strategies stated next is used, others who regularly participate are managers, supervisors, and employees doing the jobs. For extra complex analyses, commercial engineers also can furthermore conduct time and movement research.

Another interest is the method for use. Common techniques are observations, interviews, questionnaires, and specialized strategies of evaluation. Combinations of these methods often are used, relying at the state of affairs and the agency. Each of these strategies is referred to in some element next.

When the statement method is used, a manager, activity analyst, or commercial engineer observes the individual appearing the technique and takes notes to give an explanation for the obligations and obligations executed. Observation can be non-prevent or based totally on intermittent sampling.

The interview method of accumulating facts requires that a supervisor or HR professional visit every assignment internet site online and speak with the personnel appearing every task. A standardized interview form is used most customarily to report the information. Frequently, every the employee and the worker’s manager want to be interviewed to obtain a complete statistics of the challenge.

Flight attendants are hired to carry out safety abilities on an aircraft further to customer service. It is a feature frequently portrayed as being quite glamorous. However, there are though specialists and cons to it similar to any enterprise. As a dream task for lots, those are the pinnacle three positives and negatives about walking as a flight attendant.


·         Flight Attendant Travel Benefits

·         Flexibility

·         Meeting New People


·         Lower Pay

·         Reserve Life

·         Away from Home


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