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From the hypothesis, there are some information that can be obtained and used to develop a conclusion. For instance, the hypothesis is about shaving or not shaving preoperative. From this hypothesis, a person will get to know the essence of shaving before surgery. Most people shave few minutes before surgery which can contribute to Surgical Site Infection. In order to avoid such infections, a person is supposed to shave at least one day before surgery. This ensures that all bacteria that might be at the surgical site have died. Also, people should not use clippers for shaving surgical areas, but they should use traditional razors in order to reduce the chances of bacteria in the hair follicles to cause skin infection that is known as folliculitis. If a person must use a clipper, he or she has to ensure that it is at a lower setting. This ensures that the hair is cut uniformly at a lower level. According to Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, a patient is supposed to shower or bathe using antiseptic agents in order to ensure that there are no bacteria around the surgical area. Those bacteria can lead to infections, thus risking the surgical process as well as the life of the patient. With this kind of information, a person will be able to make a conclusion concerning shaving the surgical area (“To Shave or Not Shave Preoperative Preparation,” 2021). 

In this hypothesis, one of the variables that would be tested is surgery. In this case, the person will determine the relationship between shaving or not shaving with the surgical process. The person will realize that it is impossible to conduct a surgical process in a hairy place; for instance, a person has been injured at the head, and the wound has to be administered. In this case, the person has to shave to ensure the surgical process will be conducted accordingly and ensure no infection. Many studies have been conducted to determine the risks of Surgical Site Infection between people who have shaved and those who haven’t. Results obtained show that people who shave immediately before surgery are at risk of SSI than people who have shaved few days before surgery.


To Shave or Not Shave Preoperative Preparation. (2021). Retrieved 17 August 2021, from


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