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 Answer the following questions in your own words. to be submitted in 2hours

Question 1: Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) identifying the Tasks Id, Tasks Description, Tasks Duration (Days), and Predecessor Tasks.

Eden Bay is a medium-sized municipality. The town has grown rapidly, and so has the demand for town services. Eden Bay currently owns 90 vehicles, which the town’s equipment department maintains. The fleet includes police cars, sanitation trucks, fire trucks, and other vehicles assigned to town employees. The maintenance budget has risen sharply in recent years, and people are asking whether the town should continue to perform its own maintenance or outsource it to private firms.

In the first part of the case, you planned a preliminary investigation for a new information system that would cut costs and improve maintenance efficiency. Based on your investigation, Dawn wants to move forward, and she asked you to help her present a budget request at the next town council meeting. She suggested the following to-do list: (25 points)

  • First, double-check the cost and benefit data we will need for the proposal (3 days)
  • Then, start two tasks at the same time: send an email message to the Town Council requesting that the proposal be placed on the agenda (1 day), and develop the proposal itself, including all necessary documents and charts (5 days)
  • As soon as the proposal is complete, start work on two tasks at once: print copies of handout material for the meeting (2 days) and develop a PowerPoint presentation (5 days)
  • When the presentation is ready, conduct a rehearsal for the Council meeting (2 days)
  • Finally, when the rehearsal is done and the handout material is ready, help Dawn deliver the presentation (1 day)

 Question 2: Create a PERT/CPM chart, using the WBS above, to determine which task IDs are on the critical path? Note, that you do NOT need to submit your diagram. Only the Task IDs and the Duration of the Critical Path. 


Question 4: Use critical path analysis to adjust schedule and resource allocations in response to schedule and budget deviations.

Revise the previous chart using critical path analysis to adjust schedule and resource allocations in response to the following schedule and budget deviations due to a budgetary issue:

  • Bullet #4, When the presentation is ready, conducting a rehearsal for the Council meeting will now take 4 days instead of 2 days.

What are the impacts on the critical path, if any?

 Question 3: Identify a task where you could lengthen the duration without it affecting the critical path.   Please note the task ID # and the new Duration. 


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