Islam Prompts Essay

use reference from the textbook !!!!

Write which prompt you are writing about at the top of your paper 

Make sure to do everything laid out in the grading rubric, including at least 2 quotes from the textbook or in class discussions. 

Islam Prompts(For those who wrote the last paper on Christianity):


Write a paper in which you do more research on two of the following topics/figures we discussed in class. Tell me more information about each, put the 2 topics in conversation with each other, formulate a thesis or analytical claim:

Ibn Sina (called Avicenna in Europe)

Rabi’a al-Adawiyah (Sufi, woman mystic)

Rumi (Sufi, male poet & mystic)

Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

Nation of Islam 

Which modern (post-1700 CE) Islamic political leader, philosopher, artist, or theologian can you argue will have the greatest effect on Islam’s future?

 Compare one person that is shared by Islam and Judaism. Show points of similarity and difference using the holy texts and the textbook. How might these similarities and differences serve as sources of unity or tension in Muslim-Jewish relations?




Discuss the experience of visiting the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center mosque: describe the space, how was it different or the same as what you expected? Think about the significance of religious architecture and decoration (ex: furniture, balcony, images (or their absence), calligraphy, etc.). 

For this prompt you will also need to discuss the building’s earlier life as a Christian Church and do some research on the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (which was built as Eastern Orthodoxy Christianity, then became a mosque and is now a museum. How do buildings take on new roles, have new lives? 


Do more research on one or two of the Indigenous Religions discussed in the textbook. Include information about their geographical location, religious beliefs, notable figures (historical and/or religious), architecture, art, and contact with other groups/nations. What lessons can this religion teach us today? 

Extra Credit (5 possible points on this paper): What is something that you think about/understand differently now than from the beginning of the semester? Write the answer in 3-5 sentences as its own paragraph at the end of the paper.


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