Java Project Automating A Mini-Golf Course (Design)



In this project, your team will put to use the skills you have learned for reading RFPs, creating detailed requirements and then a detailed design.  Either or both parts may be documented with text, unit tests, UML, or a combination of these.

Requirements:  The RFP

Carrying a pencil and score card when playing mini-golf is a pain; holding the club, ball, and trying to write the score down (with no table) is difficult.  A local mini-golf course chain has contracted your software development company to automate scoring.  At each hole is a keypad on a card-swipe station.  The customer hopes such high-tech mini-golf courses will attract more customers.

For cost reasons, the various courses around Tampa Bay all use the same central computer (already installed), connected to the card-swipe stations at each course using a network.  All the hardware has been installed already and the network is up and running.

Use-Cases and Other Requirements

The one use-case for the RFP is:

  1. The users are issued disposable (cardboard) swipe cards when they pay, before the round starts.  They provide their name when issued their card, which gets printed on the card.
  2. After completing each hole, the user swipes their card at that hole’s swipe station, and enters the number of strokes.  The card-swipe stations also display the player’s name and current score (the number of strokes over or under par, so far).  Once a score is entered for a hole, the player can’t change it.Note the score and the player’s name do not have to be stored on the swipe card itself.  That data can be kept (how is up to you) on the central computer.
  3. After playing the last hole, the play can turn in their swipe card and request a printout of their round (the score card).  (That usually has a discount coupon on the back, for next time.)

 Think about what happens when the computer or network goes down. 

To be turned in:

A copy of the requirements and design documents for your team.  This should include use-case(s), functional, and non-functional (operational) requirements.  Your team must make those up, but feel free to consult the customer (that is, your instructor) if you want guidance.  The design should include any technology requirements and system description, in addition to a detailed design of any classes your design calls for, with their important members listed.  You can list those in text or UML



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