Key Health Determinants Custom Essay

Key Health Determinants
Did you know that the United States has a higher rate of infant mortality than Japan (CIA, n.d.)? Or, as Dr. Beilenson

states in this week’s media presentation, that “your zip code that you live in makes more difference in your health and

well-being than the genetic code that you’re born with?” What causes these differences in health outcomes?
To effectively develop policies and programs to improve population health, it is useful to use a framework to guide the

process. Different organizations and governmental agencies (for example, Healthy People 2020) have created a variety of

such frameworks, which establish measures for assessing population health. These measures frequently are derived from the

examination of epidemiologic data, which include key measures of population health such as mortality, morbidity, life

expectancy, etc. Within each measure are a variety of progress indicators that use epidemiologic data to assess

improvement or change.
For this Discussion, you will apply a framework developed by Kindig, Asada, and Booske (2008) to a population health issue

of interest to you. This framework includes five key health determinants that should be considered when developing

policies and programs to improve population health: access to health care, individual behavior, social environment,

physical environment, and genetics.
• 1-Review the article “A Population Health Framework for Setting National and State Health Goals,” focusing on population

health determinants.
• 2-Review the information in the blog post “What Is Population Health?”
• 3-With this information in mind, elect a population health issue that is of interest to you.
• 4-Using this week’s Learning Resources, the Walden Library, and other relevant resources, conduct a search to locate

current data on your population health issue.
• 5-Consider how epidemiologic data has been used to design population health measures and policy initiatives in

addressing this issue.
Write a summary essay of how the five population health determinants (access to health care, individual behavior, social

environment, physical environment, and genetics) affect your selected health issue, and which determinants you think are

most impactful for that particular issue and why. Explain how epidemiologic data supports the significance of your issue,

and explain how this data has been used in designing population health measures and policy initiatives.
• And last create a 3 probing questions, substantiated with additional background information, evidence, or research using

an in-text citation in APA format.


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