Latina Literature Argumentative Essay

DIRECTIONS: For this assignment, you will write a 1-page, single-spaced response where on the reading I provide. Your goal in the paper is to strike an argumentative claim,and reasonably prove your position through identifying and close reading textual evidence. Your thesis should be clear and precise and show that you are making an argumentative claim. Please read the directions below carefully for this assignment.

1.  You must have a single,fully developed, argumentative thesis where you make a claim about the text and attempt to prove your position in your response.

2. Evidence: Your essay must incorporate textual evidence and analysis to corroborate your claim. Make sure that you do not leave the quote to speak for itself but always extrapolate the passage and explain the relevance of the quote for your argument as a whole. Ask yourself: How is this passage advancing or proving my position to my reader? Afterwards, explain explicitly the answer to that question in your response. Above all, you must reasonably prove your claim with the evidence you select and the analyses and arguments you make.

3. Information on only summarizing: While you must inevitably summarize certain scenes to convey your point, your primary focus should be on analyzing scenes or quotes from the text. If your evidence only consists of identifying scenes and explaining what happens in that moment of the plot, then you are not analyzing or close reading, simply storytelling. In the end,make sure you are constructing an argumentative piece of writing that proves a claim, not regurgitates the narrative.

4. Be detailed! Do not be vagueboth in language and claims. Oftentimes, students may believe that the claims they are making are clear,understandable,and make sense. Although arguments are clear for the writer, readers are not in your head, and they are rarely thinking exactly what you are. To ensure your reader fully understands the point you are making, spell every component of your argument out, even if you believe what you are saying is implicit. You want to be sure that I am completely following every step of your argument, so please be as detailed as possible. However, with this recommendation in mind, you also want to avoid redundancy. Do not keep repeating a contention that you have already sufficiently proven.

5. Formatting: The paper must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins, and single-spaced.


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