Observational Research project

1. Formulate an introductory abstract statement to set the tone of your paper. Included in your

introduction should be a strong thesis or hypothesis of what you expect your study will reveal.

If you fail to write a good hypothesis statement, the rest of your paper is likely to be vague.

Your hypothesis must be debatable and tightly focused so that it can be clearly supported by

the evidence you gather for your sociology academic paper.

2. Follow the detailed outline below for the development of your sociology paper. Make sure that

each part of your sociology paper supports the hypothesis you have formulated. Indicate the

topic for each paragraph or section. Include references to your sources.

3. Write your body paragraphs, again using the outline provided as your guide. Use relevant data

to support the main points in each one. Make sure you include clear transitions between the

paragraphs in your academic paper.

4. Cite the sources for your sociology paper using APA format.Ethnography/Participant Observation Project Outline

1. Define the Problem

a. Select a research topic (your own or from the list provided)

b. Identified from casual observation of specific event

c. Identified from previous research

2. Review the Literature

a. What evidence already exists?

b. What studies have been performed previously?

c. Are there any gaps in the previous study?

3. Formulate a Hypothesis

a. “Educated guess as to what is going on.”

b. What do you intend to study?

c. What are the variables?

4. Select a Research Design

a. Choose a research method

b. For the purposes of this particular project your research method will be the

“Ethnography/Participant” research method as explained beginning on page 44

of your text.

c. You must observe your subjects in a “no contact, unobtrusive” manner, which

means no verbal contact and directing of behavior in any way (mannerisms,

signs, directions, etc.)

5. Carry out the Research

a. Collect your data

b. Record your information

c. Explain, in detail, how you collected your data.

6. Interpret Your Results

a. Analyze your data

b. Convert your data to chart, graph, or interpretation design

c. Did the collection of your data send you off into a different direction?

7. Report the Research Findings

a. What are the results of your study?

b. Does your study support or refute your hypothesis?

c. Should further studies be conducted and if so, in what areas (same, different

environment, different research design)?

d. What occupations, professions, or fields of study would benefit from your


e. What is your conclusion and opinion?

8. Paper Format

a. Cover Page

b. Abstract Statement

c. Introduction including hypothesis statement

d. Body of the paper explaining, in detail, how you completed items 5 & 6 above.

e. Results of your study

f. All components of # 7 above.

g. References of any literature researched for your study in APA format.

h. Charts, Graphs, diagrams, etc. are attachments to the final paper

The observation is about young adults using their cellphones.Abstract statement is attached.


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