Personal Statement for UK University Custom Essay

I would like you to write Personal Statement for UK university. My course that I am going to apply to is Business and

47 lines are maximum (4000 characters), so please make sure that personal statement does not exceed this word count. It

should also include 70~75 % for academic 25~30 % for experience.

From a young age, I saw plenty of businessmen on the train who were wearing suits, holding their bags in one hand, and

sometimes making a phone call to someone about the projects that they were coordinating. Some people like Mark Zuckerberg

have achieved successful outcomes, maintaining such high standard of living. Presumably, I felt that men such as

businessmen, lawyers, and entrepreneurs were more rational and stimulating than any other professionals: firemen,

footballers, astronauts, and police officers whom people dreamed of as a child. Their eyes sparkling with wit had a great

impact on my interest in aspiring to be part of a business world.

If not acceptable or inappropriate, I do not need this introduction.

For content, I am Japanese who experienced the great earthquake in Fukushima, my hometown, about four years ago, so I

would like to include this incident connected to the business: how firms tried to work for reconstruction, how business

evolved from this incident, and how business helped.

Information for the earthquake:
My hometown, Fukushima, was contaminated by radioactivity; it is now called “ghost town”, where no one cannot live. The

earthquake including disaster such “Tsunami” inflicted devastating damage on Fukushima, causing the loss of physical

distribution base at large coastal areas and manufacturing facilities that largely handled the production of goods in

Fukushima. A multitude of firms, soon after the earthquake, engaged in Reconstruction assistance. (example —

contribution to donation by firms, commodity procurement, supply of food, medicine, increase in job creation in local

place that suffered from disaster). This incident was to be an opportunity for me to enrich my understanding of social

value. It is undisputable fact that the firm should seek for its profit for developing our society. However, the attitude

of business community can show the different aspect of providing goods and services that firms address the social

challenge even if it is not expected to economic return.
? It does not have to be same sentence.

I would like to state social entrepreneurship since it is my interest. While business exists to maximise profit or serve

purposes, social business can open up new ways to organise our society, which is what I want to study further in

university. This is not only my interest in business but also other things so I would like to gather and integrate my idea

from different types of business in order to purse to be part of a business world.

For experience related to the earthquake, last summer, I worked for two weeks in an incorporated non-profit organization,

called “United Sports Foundation”. The radioactivity took the lands away from children who were supposed to play outside.

Playground is to children what trigger is to their growth to encourage flexibility.This organization helped children have

many experiences of playing sports such as football, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and basketball through the camp for

children who suffered damages from the earthquake. So many famous players came from all over the world to help children,

and I served as one of the group leader who took a care of children so that they would play freely and easily. Each group

contains two or three leaders, who are not only Japanese but also international people such as Americans, Canadians,

Europeans, and Africans.( connection to the importance of internationality in business)
Making original posters together with children, we hope they would be encouraged themselves to feel pleasure of life in

this camp, promoting to provide more children with intrinsically valuable experiences through the long generation.

(Investigation to future generation in long term in business)
This is charity work, so we did not make any profits in economic terms while the successful camp provided children with

memorable experience. The concept considered at the starting point of creation of social value enabled me to take a

thoughtful approach to social firms; How I can combine these charitable activities to social firms to exist in society.

Difference between social firms and charitable activities.
How social value inspired children. I enrich my understanding of importance of social value rather than commercial value

while I know that economic, commercial value is the most essential element in our society — How we manage to deal with

these two sort of opposite values. — connection to economics which I am studying in my school.

A business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose. (This is from

wikipedia “social enterprise”)

Social firms aim not at maximising-profit but at social purposes, meaning that they seem to be weak, but this weakness can

be complemented once stockholder supports them. Unlike charity and volunteer, social firms exist and compete in market,

which is interesting to me.

I am taking Economics in my school, so I would like to connect these ideas to my study experience of economics. I would

like to show the ideas related to economics to show my actual academic knowledge in my school.

In addition, I have developed this principle in my charitable activity that helped expand the spectrum of studying social

value from point of firm’s view. I also participated in volunteer work in Cambodia where our groups built more than twenty

houses for those who struggle with poverty and do not posses their ow houses. Before visiting Cambodia, I and my

colleagues (students) collect all money by ourselves that required building houses: Selling food (that we cooked),

paintings( that we made), and seeing goods that were imported from Cambodia.
We eventually succeeded in collecting more than £100, and in total, we donated more than £300 which was used for building

houses and donation for constructing new big hospitals. Not only experience of building houses in Cambodia but experience

of earning money —- be connected to economics terms and how these contribution relate to our society.

Connection to the British government’s attempt: in 2012, David Cameron, the prime minister of United Kingdom, set up a new

fund in 2012 for supporting social firms so that investment firms can finance at lower interest rates. — Importance of

studying business and management in England. England is the most concerned the aspect of social business, which is

believed that they can compete in society and make society better in long term for future generation; therefore, they need

big support such as government’s help.

As an international student, I would like to position my statement, message that strengthen the aspect of social value

while trying to accomplishing the aspect of commercial value.

Sorry for a long note. I want my personal statement to be very focused on my course, business and management, so please do

not follow my note as it is since it is telling sort of fact and does not inspire the readers to be impressed and to

understand my point and the importance that I would like to study business and management in university. Please include my

two experience: United sports foundation and Cambodia work, and also include the academic area of economics that I am

currently taking in my school. I do not have any particular things that I can strongly insist in economics ( I am getting

A for economics though) so please state, for example, the concept or idea of economics related to business and management.

I wrote much about social business but it is not only area that cover business and management so please do not focus

entirely on it, but social business has consolidated and strengthened my direction of pursuing business and management.
Also, this well organised video below explains social business in terms of corporate social responsibility if needed.


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