Physics of the Future: How Science will Shape Human Destiny and our Daily Lives by the Year 2100

This assignment allows you to develop your personal understanding of one of the technologies discussed in Michio Kaku’s book, by furthering your knowledge of that topic, and its possible impact on the future. It gives you a chance to reflect on the kind of future envisioned by Kaku and others, and the role of science and technology in that future. It also provides an opportunity for you to practice your skills in finding scientific sources, in using evidence to support claims, and in structuring an undergraduate paper.

Write a 4-page (double-spaced, about 250 words/page) paper describing one technology discussed in Kaku’s book, its current level of development, its proposed uses, and its suggested impact on future society (as presented by Kaku and your sources).

Required sources:
• One of the following chapters in Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future: 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6 (Take your technology from one of these chapters)
• Introduction, and Chapter 8 “Future of Humanity” in Kaku. (This will give you some understanding of his perspective on technology and the future.)
• 2-3 of the following (at least 2 must be written sources, and you will be assessed on the quality of your sources):
o articles from authoritative magazines, peer-reviewed science journals, newspapers, or peer-reviewed web publications of a government agency, research institute, corporation or NGO (non-governmental organization)
o viewing of a documentary film not shown in class

A consideration of these questions might be helpful for guiding your research, reading and writing:
• What are the technologies, and/or kinds of scientific research involved?
• What has been developed, and what are some of the possibilities for the development of this area in the future (according to your sources)?
• How might human society be impacted?
• Who wrote the piece and who did the research/development? What is their background, and vision for the future of this technology?
• How has your investigation expanded your understanding of the issues around this topic?
The work for this paper should be the original work of each student. There is no collaboration on this assignment.
Keep all notes and drafts until after final grades have been accepted.

Format of Essay (marks will be deducted if format is not followed):
• Descriptive title on a title page
• Approximately 1000 words
• 12pt font (preferably Times New Roman)
• double spaced
• no extra spaces between paragraphs – indent paragraphs
• 1 inch margins
• APA citation format is used, with page number cited along with date of publication. See http://researchguides.library.yorku.ca/content.php?pid=381407&sid=3125782

Further guidance will be given in lecture throughout the term. You may want to consult York’s SPARK pages for assistance (http://www.yorku.ca/spark/) There is also help through the Steacie Library, in York’s writing centres


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