Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling

The book is called, Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling by Mark R McMinn

4MAT Review Instructions

The 4MAT Review is a way of responding to readings, lectures, and life experiences that requires you, the learner, to interact with new ideas on several levels. You will write 2 separate reviews: 1 review for the Entwistle textbook and 1 review for the McMinn textbook. In preparing your 4MAT Reviews, use each of the 4 sections listed below with corresponding Level One headings in current APA format:
1.Provide a title page including only your name, the paper title (referring to the book title), and the institutional affiliation (Liberty University). Keep in mind that current APA standards recommend the title length not exceed 12 words. All pages must include a running head and page number, and all pages are double spaced.
2.Summary: After introducing the name of the book and author, summarize the book in approximately 2 pages. Be appropriately concise but also be adequately complete in your ideas. Prove that you comprehend the main ideas by writing a clear and succinct summary. The summary is not a commentary or listing of topics but rather a discussion of the core ideas (main ideas) in the entire book. If you miss the main ideas, you lack an understanding of the complete message of the book. The summary provides the foundation for the rest of your 4MAT paper. Cite the book in-text at least once per paragraph and include page numbers for direct quotations.
3.Concrete Responses: Be vulnerable. In approximately 1 page, write about a personal life episode that this book triggered in your memory. Relate your story in first person, describing action and quoting exact words you remember hearing or saying. In the teaching style of Jesus, this is your own parable, case study, or personal connection to the main ideas of the book. Your comments in this section need to be clearly tied to main points from the book, not tangential ideas. Connect your comments to the main points for the reader.
4.Reflection: This section is a short critique or evaluation of the author’s main ideas; include positives/negatives and strengths/weaknesses. You should consider new questions that arose for you in response to what you have read and explore concerns, implications, etc. Provide this critique in approximately 1 page (sometimes additional length may be needed to provide an adequate critique).
5.Action: What are you going to do about it? Develop action steps based on the core points of the book. This section must be a description of how the main ideas will affect your counseling. What professional changes will you implement and share with others? Be precise in summarizing your action steps and clearly connect your action steps to main points from the book. This section must be 1 page or less.
6.You are also required to create a references page; on this page, you must provide the complete reference citation for the book in compliance with current APA standards.
0 to 30 points
Summary is approximately 2 pages and contains:
• A concise, insightful, and adequately complete synopsis.
• The absolute core ideas of the entire book.
0 to 15 points
Concrete Response is approximately 1 page and contains:
• A personal life episode, parable, case study, or confession.
• Content based on the main points (not tangential ideas—draw on the summary).
0 to 15 points
Reflection is approximately 1 page (or more if needed) and contains:
• Questions, criticism, etc.
• Positives and negatives about the book.
• Concise critique of the strengths and weaknesses.
• Reflection based on the main ideas of the book, not tangential issues.
0 to 15 points
Action is approximately 1 page or less and contains:
• Steps based on the book’s core points.
• Description of how the main ideas will affect your counseling.
• The personal or professional changes you will implement (and share with others).
0 to 15 points
• Each paragraph develops 1 main topic and contains at least 3 sentences.
• The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment.
• Sentences are well-constructed, complete, clear, and concise.
• Sentence transitions are used and draw ideas together.
• Paragraph transitions are present throughout the paper and are logical.
• Proper rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are exhibited.
• Spelling is correct.
0 to 10 points
• Formatted to current APA guidelines.
• Includes title and reference pages.
• Each page utilizes a running head and page number.
• All pages are double-spaced.
• Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow current APA format.
• All assertions are supported with references.
• In-text citations match the citations on the reference page.
• Quotations are used strategically.
• Uses correct, current APA headings that correspond to the 4 main sections.
• Written in Times New Roman font.


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