Repetition of the central question Custom Essay

The report includes a summary, introduction, mid-section, a discussion and conclusion. The title of the report clearly states what it is about.
The report headings clearly demonstrate their content.
The subject is clearly introduced.
The central question is clearly described.
The central question is formulated in a sufficiently specific manner.
Clear answers to the question have been formulated.
The report contains a proper paragraph structuring (one subject per paragraph.) The paragraphs are neither too long nor too short.

The abstract (x2)

The following components are properly described in the summary:
 the subject
 the objective or the question
 the scope (the domain to which the question relates)
 that on which the information is based (e.g. based on literature research)
 the conclusions (maximum of 5 main findings)
The summary does not exceed 150 words (11-12 lines)
The summary gives the main findings and does not offer an overview of what will be discussed.
The summary does not contain any general abbreviations, unexplained specialist terms, information that is not in the report, commentary (personal remarks) or quotes.

The introduction (x2)

The following components are properly described in the introduction:
 introduction of the subject
 relevance of the central question
 clear central question
 short description of the article’s structure

The mid-section (x2)

The student limits his/herself to the relevant information The information given is structured logically.

Discussion and conclusion (x2)

The following components are properly described in the discussion and conclusion:
 Repetition of the central question
 Brief summary of findings
 Final conclusion
 Critical discussion of the findings
 Suggestions for follow up research

Comprehensive depth (x2)

The various sources are well integrated
The substance is of a good level
Positions and conclusions are well supported (no unsubstantiated claims) The content is sufficiently skeptical

References (x2)

There are sufficient references contained in the text (not too many, but certainly not too few) References in the text have the correct notation (APA style)
References in the test are in the right place
References in the reference list have the correct notation (APA style)
References in the reference list are listed in the correct order
A sufficient number of sources have been used (at least 5, 3 of which are articles)
The ideas of other authors are well set out in your own words
The text does not contain any references that do not appear in the reference list or vice versa The text contains more primary sources than secondary sources
The content is based on multiple sources (not too much emphasis placed on one source)


The text has been structured logically.
The cohesion between paragraphs is good (proper transitions, connections between paragraphs are clear)
The cohesion between sentences is good (clear references, sentences flow and do not jump around aimlessly)
No reference to words in a title or heading.
No information is ‘missing’ (the review is of course not completely finished, but there are no points introduced that are not discussed).

Use of language and sentence structure

The text does not contain errors in grammar and spelling
The correct punctuation is used
Proper English is used.
Any foreign language concepts that may be hard to translate are shown in italics. The language used is written language rather than spoken language
Sentences are clearly formulated. (i.e. sentence structure is not sloppy, variable sentence length with not too many overly long sentences, no overly elaborate formulations and not too many noun constructions.)


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