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When reading this article when an officer is conducting any type of investigation.  Any specific crime that is conducted in law enforcement is not allowed to generalize any type of racial or ethnic stereotyping. On Febuary 27,2001 General John Ashcroft, were under review so that federal law enforcement agencies and basically the race card and the specific guidance to end racial profiling. Doing just that on March 1st of the same year racial profiling was determinded on the extent of racial profiling by those agencies. Personally I feel that when the community can trust law enforcement everything will fall into place. 

Unfortunately racial profiling happens all the time. Law enforcement are targeting people that have different color they are stereotyping just to himiliate that person(s). A lot of the time they threaten to take the person of color to a detention center, interrogations, and even illegal searches. These are just a few things that can be linked to stereotyping. On a daily basis we rely on the officers of that community to protect the community of crime that may occur. A lot of people however are living more in fear because law enforcement target minorities. Unfortunately this is nothing new because slavery has been around for many years (240 years).

To prevent any racial profiling the law enforcement need to make sure that they have a probable cause for why they are searching you or the premisis. They need to make sure that your search has nothing to do with the color of their skin or where they originated from. My children are mixed and it’s like no matter where we go there has always been an officer that has looked at them differently people always commenting saying that they dont belong with me and that I should have laid down with someone of my race. I have had my daughters old school tell me that she was going to be kicked out of school for having a bad day. There were not many colored people in that school. I have had officers accuse my children of things they didn’t do. My youngest father is from Congo and when me and him were together I would watch how harsh they treated him and they always threatened to send him back to Africa. Unfortunately this has caused a lot of problems with trusting law enforcement. Unfortunately if you want a community that trusts you, then you need to treat everyone in the community as a person. You need to not judge someone because of where they come from or what color of skin they have. We are almost done. 


Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). (2018, September 18). Racial profiling in Louisiana: Unconstitutional and counterproductive. Retrieved from


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