Social Contract Theory and the Revelational Christian Ethic

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Within this thread, I will discuss both the Social Contract Theory and the Revelational Christian Ethic. The goal is to define both terms and go in-depth about what is considered the good in each of these. The point I want to pursue, and describe is both the key differences and similarities.  I will close my thoughts up with what I feel is the strongest ethical theory.

The Social Contract Theory is an unspoken agreement amongst individuals in a community. Our text says, Social Contract Theory argues that our idea of what is moral is the result of an implicit agreement between the members of a society that facilitates the functioning of that society. Thomas Hobbes spoke about the Social Contract Theory in his book the Leviathan. He says that people are naturally feuding and contesting one another. The U.S. Constitution, in my eyes, is the best-known example of a Social Contract Theory. It sets forth what the government can and cannot do.

The text says that, each society has its own social contract, and that the contract of one society may differ significantly from that of another. Maybe, certain rules in California are unwritten rules that are not relatable to someone who lives in Alaska. Another relatable subject for me is each military service branch has rules and regulations that mirror one another and the wording within each is the same. Even though everyone is serving in the military we frequently see disagreements on how we conduct business, especially within the joint operational environment. It does not expound upon the location of the good in this theory.

The Revelational Christian Ethic can be found predominantly in the Bible. The text says, the best route to a satisfactory ethical system is a reasoned, intelligent study of the bible together with philosophical ethical theory in pursuit. God sent us his son Jesus so that we could learn from his ways. Jesus taught, showed, and revealed the power and wisdom of God while living in our sinful world. His ways and life gave us a living word that is still quite relevant today.

Both theories present various compelling arguments to both believers and non-believers.  The faith that I have in my Lord and Savior is great. By no means am I perfect or living without sin in any part of my life. The love God has for us shows through his son. John 3:16 sums that up completely, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The stronger ethical theory is Revelational Ethical theory. I say this because God has shown me many wonders and everyday miracles, that He has done not only for me but for others.

There are many other reasons I believe Revelational Christian Theory is stronger, one being the Historical truths that I have discovered from reading the Bible. I have seen those truths firsthand. The current world in which we live will continue to have evil in it. There have been multiple false prophets who have come and gone within my current life span. Daily Bible study and devotions will help everyone educate themselves on the meaning as well as the time that the text was written so that it can be put into perspective of where the world currently is. Rules and guidelines can and do work well within certain social areas but that same set of rules may not work well around other societies around the world.


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