sport science

For this work I would like the sport spoken about to be either, javelin or shot put

– ST5003/ST5053/ST5073 – Biomechanics
Coursework 1 – 2015/16 – Projectiles

Introduction (up to 200-300 words)
Give an introduction to the keys terms when describing projectile motion including an explanation as to why analysing projectile motion in sport generally is useful. Give a background of the sport you are analysing (and the specific scenario) and highlight how this relates to projectiles in order to achieve in that sport. Remember that a picture paints a thousand words too – could be very helpful to describe the situation.

Discussion (up to 1000-1,200 words)
This is the main part of your assessment.

Discuss the biomechanical principles related to your sport and scenario (e.g. free kick). The following is a guide for the areas you may wish to discuss, it is not essential to cover all of these, you need to decide which factors are more important for your scenario/sport, however you MUST include either one or both of the starred (*) sections:

• Application of force (this could be a large part of the discussion looking at body position, ground reaction force, joint angle changes, velocity of limb compared to body etc.)
• Amount of force
• Angle of projection
• Height of release (positive, negative or at the same level)
• Velocity of the projectile
• Fluid dynamics (how this may impact upon the projectile and therefore how this changes the way it will be released)
• Equipment (how this changes the above factors)
• Opponents (this will mostly factor into how to achieve the best performance, e.g. to ensure you miss the wall in a free kick you need to get the ball over the tallest person jumping in the air but also get the ball to drop low enough not to hit the crossbar)
• How the above can be used to improve the performance *
• How the above can be used to minimise injury *
• Example calculations (here you may wish to use a professional’s facts/figures to highlight how this would then differ to an amateur (and how they can improve to be more like the professional))

Conclusion (up to 100-200 words)
This should be an overview of the key points of the write up. You should not include ANY new material and you should not include any references.

Writing style/structure
This section is an assessment of your overall writing style and how you structure the piece. You MUST write this work in the third person (no: I, we, you, him, her, etc.). As the write up is based on biomechanical principles you will need to gather research into this. You MUST NOT use the lecture slides as a referenced piece and you MUST NOT use websites that talk about these principles. Anyone can add a web page and fill it with nonsense! As scientists on undergraduate degrees you are expected to have to research the principles taught on the module further. You should use the library search tools on the website to search for articles. We also have books that can be used. You should aim to have 15-20 references for this piece. The only time a web reference will be accepted is if you are accessing governing body data for the sport.


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