The Effects of Immigration on the United States’ Economy?

This is a semester long research project which accounts for 15% weight of the course grade.


For the final project I have tried to explain about it in the syllabus what it should be like. Be advised that

you’re not writing an essay on a certain topic; it’s going to be a research paper. So it has to have the

following things: i) write a brief introduction to your topic and state what you are doing? Why is your

work important? State it clearly. In other words, sell your work by telling this is why my work/research is

important or I am the first person doing this kind of work or to the best of my knowledge no past research

has examined this topic/area from my point of view etc. If you read any published articles you will know

how to shape yours?

ii) What have already been done in your topic/area? That is, read at least seven articles related to your

topic and cite them.

iii) Find out the data on your topic. For example if you’re writing a paper on “the impact of US exports

on economic growth” then obtain data on US exports and GDP growth, plot them in figures and analyze

them. Your analysis should focus on among others, what can you infer out of that data set? Let’s say, you

see US export is a record high or low in year 2000 then what could be the possible reason for it. Finally,

you draw the conclusion based on your research.

– Main title: 15/16 points bold

– Subheading in the body: 14 points bold

– Body: – 12 points

-Times New Roman

– Double Spaced, Format: APA

– Page requirement: minimum 10 in addition to a title page and references.

– Number of citations in the body must match the number of references listed.

Note: you are not required to develop econometric models you may skip that part.


Look at the articles in the following journals published by undergraduate students. These are the journals

for undergraduate students.

-Foreign Affairs

-The Economist

-The World Bank, WTO

-Academic journals such as The World Economy, Undergraduate Economic Review, Undergraduate

Journal of Economics, Journal for Global Business and Community, IMF Staff Papers, Yale Journal of

Economics, Michigan Journal of Business

Additionally, go to the library home page and click article databases where you will see several search

engines. You can search articles through EBSCO host OR LexisNexis OR Jstor OR other search engines

available there or elsewhere. Down load at least 7 articles (related) and review them and use in your

research, and don’t forget to cite them (references at the end of the paper).

Don’t cite anything from Wikipedia, and unwarranted sources from Google. I suggest you to use EBSCO

host to find articles in your topic. Read a couple of articles from the above listed journals. The only way

you know how to write a research paper is to read published work first. Call library people at MU to find

out articles and other help. World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) makes a lot of research

papers available for free. Don’t pay a single dime for articles. Our library will get you one for free.

Since this is a college level work it is demanding. You have to follow these instructions, be specific,

concise and to the points. Finally, do your best.


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