The Experience of Transitional Care for Non-Medically Complex Older Adults and Their Family Caregivers

Written Assessment: Appraisal and Proposal
This assessment allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of reviewing academic literature, appraising it in the context of research, and also how this existing research may inform both policy and new research.

The rationale for assessment design:
There are a few sections to this assessment. All of these sections mirror the elements of proposal needed for public health professionals working in research, or with epidemiology, or indeed in a more commercial context.

There are some elements of this assessment that should be familiar to you – you usually have to introduce what it is you are presenting – like an introduction.

The rationale for different elements of this assessment can be summarised as follows;

Critical appraisal is a fundamental part of public health – we need this as clinicians and researchers and also need this to convey the academic literature to lay audiences. This assessment determines that you use a critical appraisal tool to assess your journal article. Remember that this is a KEY component of a systematic review, for those of you who are considering this type of research.

Protocol development is a part of research in the broad sense. For those of you who are not intending to become academics (!! this is hard for me to believe!!) , these skills are also important in monitoring and evaluation, and in any role that requires applying for funds. For those of you who are keen to pursue a research career – good news!! The protocol element of this assessment is exactly what is required from prospective PhD students.

Links to module learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding of learning outcomes:

1. Critically evaluate the evidence used in developing and implementing public health measures and other population assessment.

2. Critically distinguish between research methodologies and methods used in health and public health research

3. Synthesise an appropriate policy response by using population data from a variety of sources

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills learning outcomes:

4. Critically review published research studies

5. Evaluate and critically comment on the impact of public health policies

6. Prepare a research protocol


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