The negative effect of child support

This class is focused on the wider theme of belonging and identity explored through different pathways and aspects of belonging. Thus, we have navigated the terrains of personal identity and belonging by reading narratives commenting on the sociological, cultural, economic impacts of contemporary life. Within this context, please think of a research topic you would like to explore that is more related to this central theme.

So, considering sites of individual or collective impacts that aspects of developing identity has on socio-historical and political-cultural belongings, what are some limitations that continue to include us and exclude others? What are some steps to address this? How can they be addressed? 

Goal: to find a reasonable solution/-s or to examine the shortcomings of an issue of public concern focused on a particular aspect of identity. You will have to consider this paper as an extension of the theme of this class, as you research it further and couple it with original thought and reason


• To have a research question while understanding its limits and possibilities

• Use at least 2 major peer reviewed source from UDC library—preferably online and one which helps you ground your point of view and helps you reinforce your initial argument

• Use either Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints, Business Source Premier, Google Scholar which are peer reviewed academic sources 

• Use original thinking and research for this paper to develop a position or a thesis instead of only summarizing information from sources

• Use the research tools of summarizing, quoting, paraphrasing as you need it along with the tools of analyzing, criticizing, or arguing as you develop and elaborate your point of view

• Use standard English grammar and elements of editing and proofreading 

• Use MLA in-text and Works Cited format, please refer to OWL Purdue for latest MLA citation updates.

• Paper is at least 6-7 pages long, it cannot be more than 8 pages. This does not include the Works Cited page

• The paper is 25% of your final paper. If you do not submit this paper, you automatically fail English 210

• Paper is page numbered in MLA format and has a title you choose

• You must use 2 sources that are researched, full-text, and peer reviewed accessed through UDC libraries online

• You have an additional presentation associated with Paper 3 which is 10% of the grade. A separate handout on the Presentation informs you about the nuts and bolts about this.

• You have an Annotated Bibliography associated with Paper 3 which is 5% of the grade. This is a brief overview of the 2 scholarly works you have planned on using in your Paper 3.


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