What is “race” from an anthropological understanding (biologically and socially)?

Group Paper

Throughout this course we have acquired the anthropological analytical tools that have allowed us to engage various topics and to investigate the historical development of the socially constructed categories of race, class, gender, religion, etc. throughout various cultures. We have interrogated the naturalization process of these categories and have discussed the connections between group and individual political, economic, and belief systems and the development of a subjective worldview. But most importantly, we have intensely discussed the impact of the meaning that we give to categories cross-culturally and the conscious and unconscious value-judgements we make that guide our everyday lived experience. With this in mind, your final project requires you and your group members to anthropologically investigate one current issue that involves the concept of race. Your paper should collectively address the following questions:

First, pick a current issue that involves race:

1) What is “race” from an anthropological understanding (biologically and socially)?

2) What has been the specific historical development of this concept within the United States?  

3) How do American concepts and categories of “race” compare to other countries/cultures?

4) What are the connections to the issue that your group is investigating?

5) What political, economic, educational and/or structural/institutional barriers are in play

6) What is a way forward to changing/resolving your “racial” issue (a starting point, not a solution).(MY PART)

Paper Requirements:

1)Each person must develop at least 2 pages double spaced clear, concise and accurate contribution of the group paper that engages a portion of the content requirements above. Each person must use 2 scholarly resources outside of course material. The paper must include 1 bibliography for all group members. Each group member must put their name in parentheses next to their source.  

2) The final draft is due December 10th and must be represent a synthesis of each of your contributions. You must have 1 group member email me and cc the other group members the finished paper.

3) It must be of final draft quality that is free from all grammatical errors and must demonstrate a well thought out presentation of the anthropological perspective. EVERY MEMBER OF THE GROUP SHOULD BE EDITING THE PAPER FOR GRAMMATICAL AND LOGIC ERRORS!!!!!!!!! Remember, that as a research team your final paper represents your agreement with the final product, grammatical and content. If a member is not contributing, it is your responsibility to inform me and your correspondence, of course, will be kept in confidence. I really want to hear from you about the difficulties and successes of this process. Each Group member will be required to fill out a group evaluation where you award points to each group member based on the participation in the project. You must fill this out and bring it the last day of class.  

These are other group members’ outline.

Research topics: (current issue that involves race)

Racial profiling

Racial equity

Erika: What political, economic, educational, and/or structural/institutional barriers are in play?

Race related policy issues that affect or target a specific race

Educational barriers come into play when it comes to scholarships and who gets admitted to a specific school/ school club etc.

Economic: who gets a loan, wealth gap, status 


Issue connections – everyday life situations of different races 

Racial profiling

Being pulled over by a police officer being white vs. colored race

Going to a grocery store/shopping

Living in a “white” community

Justice system 

Racial equity

Biologically vs. socially 

Justice system 


United States stance on race & racism / Socio and economic norms

What the U.S. does to combat injustice

Real life comparison compared to the demographics of the U.S. Gov

How other countries take a modern approach to injustices

Compare to countries even further behind than the United States in solving this issue 

How we can take other methods from countries to solve the injustices still going on today 

History/upbringing of race compared to other countries 



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