Decision Making


Scenario :
You are in charge of a medium-sized hospital. At 2:00 this morning, an 8.2 earthquake struck the city in which your hospital is located.

Throughout the day the hospital experienced a number of successive structural failures that have led to fires, exposed electrical wiring, and other imminent dangers. After several hours of trying to do the best you can for your patients in the deteriorating conditions, it is clear that you will soon need to evacuate. While prioritizing the transfer of patients to other less affected health facilities, you are informed that the roads leading to the hospital have been severely damaged, making it very difficult for ambulances to reach you.

Many of the patients can move under their own power, but quite a few of them cannot be moved in conventional vehicles and must be transported by ambulance. You must decide how much longer you will wait and continue to put yourself and the other doctors and nurses at risk before you get yourselves to safety. Leaving before the ambulances arrive will likely remove any chance of survival for your immobilized patients.

As you realize this, a maintenance worker runs up and informs you that the structural damage is worsening. Although your staff are extremely conscientious about their responsibility, you believe that they would be divided on the decision of leaving or staying.

1. Complete this Endangered Hospital Decision Problem assignment:
    a. Review the Decision Making Scenario.
    b. Determine which level of involvement your subordinates should have in making this decision:
              1. No involvement: You make the decision alone without any participation from subordinates.
              2. Low involvement: You ask one or more subordinates for information related to the problem, but you dont ask for their recommnedations and might not mention the problem to them.
                3. Medium involvement: You describe the problem to one or more subordinates (alone or in a meeting) and ask for any relevant information as well as their recommendations on the issue. However, you make the final decision, which might or might not reflect their advice.
                4. High involvement: You describe the problem to subordinates. They discuss the matter, identify a solution without your invovlement (unless they invite your ideas), and implement that solution. You have agreed to support the decision they make.

    c. Answer the following questions:

              1. What factors let you to choose this level of employee involvement, rather than one of the other levels?
                2. What problems might occur if a lesser or greater amount of employee involvement than you chose occurred in this case?

2. Complete this Video Reflection and Reaction assignment:
            a. Review the two videos.


The other one is attached

            b. Apply the premise of either one of the videos to a decision you have made.
            c. Explain how your decision was impacted by the variables identified in either video.

Compose a document which includes your responses to each of the assignment parts above.


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