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Watch the PBS NOVA film (53 minutes) Vaccines: Calling the Shots (Connexions vers un site externe.)

After you view the film, interview three (3) parents with a child under the age of 5, from different families.  The parents you interview can be relatives, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  Just be sure they currently have a child under the age of 5 years old.  You can conduct the interviews in person, by phone or by email.  Please inform them that you are not judging them by asking these questions and that their decisions as a parent are highly regarded.  You are simply interested their process decision making process as it relates to immunizing their child.

Ask the questions provided below and record or take notes on their answers.

Interview Questions

Did you conduct any research about immunizations before your child was first vaccinated? (Research can include speaking to other parents or medical professionals, searching online, reading articles, etc)
Have you followed the recommended immunization schedule provided by your pediatrician or have you modified the schedule for your child?  If you modified your schedule, please explain how and why.
What vaccine information source do you trust the most?
What is your overall feeling about vaccines?
Do you have any advice for new parents before they have their child vaccinated?
This is an essay type of paper. The answers you receive from your interviews need to be woven into a narrative. Use the steps below to help you craft your paper.

Using the information you gathered from the interviews, craft an introduction giving some basic information about the parents you interviewed (please use only first names when referring to parents and children). Please note the age of the parents you spoke with, where they live, how many children do they have (are they a first time parent?) and any other interesting information you feel is worth mentioning.
Write a summary of the answers provided, noting differences and similarities.  Devote at least one paragraph to summarize the answers to EACH question.  Discuss one question at a time and provide all the parents input on that question in one paragraph=1 paragraph for each question.  Include some discussion that compares and contrasts the answers to that question in each paragraph.
At the conclusion of your summary, share your reaction to all the responses you received.  Were there any surprises?  Did you expect the answers that you received?  Do you share any of the same views as the parents you interviewed or do your views differ?  How did you handle this situation for your children OR how do you think you will handle this situation if/when you have children?
Specific Assignment Requirements
Create your paper in a separate program and upload as either a Word doc or as a pdf.  Click here for a Canvas Guide in uploading a file for an assignment submission.    (Connexions vers un site externe.)Click here for a Canvas Guide in uploading a file from Google Drive for an assignment submission. (Connexions vers un site externe.)
Use MLA formatting (Connexions vers un site externe.) including double spacing and a legible font at 12 points.
Include an introductory paragraph, five summary paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.


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