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Writing Diagnostic

Write a summary of the "Moving from Multitasking to Mindfulness" article attached here. Moving from Multitasking to Mindfulness.pdfPreview the document

The summary should just be the facts. Tell us the main argument and the main supporting points. Remember that a summary is not about your opinion of the article itself. Therefore, here are some tips:

avoid statements in a summary that involve:

I found at interesting...
I belive...
I think..
Generally avoid, any uses of the first person I. A summary is not about your opinion, but is simply about you telling us the main points of the article
Your assignment submission should be a paragraph of 100-250 words in length. It should contain proper grammar, be free of spelling errors, and reflect critical thinking.


Chapter 5: Political Parties, Interest Groups, & Campaigns, then post to the discussion board as prompted
Why has two major parties dominated American politics, and what would it take for third parties to
become as important as the Democrats and the Republicans currently are?
Discuss the dispersion of political party affiliation in your state. How has it changed in recent
years? Discuss recent changes in representation either at the SG or FG level. How has local
party played a role?
Of the different types of interest groups explained in the text, which seem most likely to be able to
achieve their goals, and why? Which appear to be least likely to do so, and why?
Are there indications of bias in terms of where (geographically) parties direct their attention and
Have there been any significant shifts in recent elections in your states? Look into 2018.

My state is Montana

The federal and state courts

1.In a paragraph answer the following prompt: Does the above history of judicial racism in this county impact modern race relations in the United States? Why or why not?
2.President Joe Biden has said he will allow Qualified Immunity to continue, but attempt to rein it in. Through legislation, Congress and the President could get rid of this shield created by the Supreme Court that protects officers. In a page or less write a letter to President Biden, using evidence from the textbook and video Qualified Immunity: Origins of a Police Liability Shield in explaining what you think he should do about Qualified Immunity.
3.After reading The Role of the Courts and watching Trump Lost the Popular VoteBut Not The Supreme Court write a paragraph explaining what you would do to solve the legitimacy crisis at the Supreme Court.

Economy systems: capitalism, socialism, and democratic

1.) Based on the Open Stax Chapters, the readings and videos, compare and contrast capitalism, socialism and democratic socialism in the US. In your response be sure to identify at least 3 major characteristics of capitalism and socialism, and 2 problems with each of these systems. In this regard, what is different about democratic socialism in comparison to socialism and capitalism? What specific proposals have democratic socialist put forth to address problems with health care, education, immigration and environment in the US ? What is one of the major problems with these proposals? Lastly, reflect on which system you would feel more inclined to support, and why?

2.) Based on the OpenStax Chapters, readings and podcast explain how Globalization through free trade deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA is responsible for changing the Food system in Mexico and Central America and driving the surge in Latin American undocumented immigrants into the US? Why is it correct to say that US co

Law Codes of Hammurabi and the Biblical Covenant

Compare the early law codes of Hammurabi and the Biblical Covenant. They can be found in Sayre pp. 49-51 and 58-59 and I have attached them as word documents. The paper must be between 550-650 original words in length and in MLA format.

Use academic sources only. Use JSTOR to find scholarly articles. Primary sources can be harder to find, and you may need to use an online version. This is fine but be careful that it is from a reliable source.

Use MLA Style (parenthetical) referencing

Talking Points:
What kinds of general themes do you find in the codes? Based on the codes, what can you say about organization and outlook of the societies?

Personal Essay

Personal essays
allow you to share your life with others and vicariously experience the things that happen around you.
Personal essays are told from a defined point of view, often the writers.
the writer uses feelings and details in order to get the reader involved in the sequence of events.
Has an introduction, with a main idea statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Needs to include a prewriting page

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the two articles Dr. Baker's Thinking Critically and Creatively (pp. 21-22) and Christopher Hockeys Time Is on Your Side in Foundation of Success to become more aware of time and energy management and the significance of critical and creative thinking. Hockey recommends looking into three general themes that influence the development of personal time management plans: identifying priorities, managing time, and managing energy (23). 
According to your reading of these articles, how do you manage resources such asyour time and energy to complete the work for this course? How do you distinguish between creative thinking and critical thinking?
200 words.

South African History

Based on your knowledge of South African history, do you consider these novels (Thomas Mofolos Chaka and Zakes Mdas The Heart of Redness) to be historically accurate? At which points do you believe the author(s) embellish, add, or alter certain historical details, and for what reasons do you think they do this? In what way are these novels useful as sources for academic study?

NOTE: I have provided study guides for both novels which I have attached to this order. The study guides are directly copied and should be rephrased if used in the paper.



1. Review the PowerPoint presentation  Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx - Alternative Formats

to recall the eight dimensions of one's personal context. You may also want to review your earlier work on identifying and ranking your personal context dimensions.
2. Read/review the articles on recycling from Chapter 2:

"The Reign of Recycling" by John Tierney, pages 66-70

"It's Time to Phase Out Single-Use Plastic,"an editorial in Los Angeles Times,  pages 74-75

"Waste Not. . . ?" by Bob Holmes, pages 76-80

"We Are So Forked" by Jenny Luna, pages 80-82

3. In the first paragraph of your discussion post explain which textbook article on recycling represents your position and which elements of your own personal context have influenced your choice. In other words, identify the important dimensions in forming your own opinion on how far to go in recycling.

4. In


1. Read the "At Issue" box on page 61.
2. View the attached PowerPoint presentation on Understanding Your Personal Context:  Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx Understanding Your Personal Context.pptx

3. For each of the 8 context dimensions, write a short paragraph of 3-5 sentences explaining your personal context.

4. For each dimension, rate whether its very important, important, or not important.

5. In paragraph 9 answer the question: Where do you stand in regards to recycling? That is, how far are you willing to go to make sure you do not create long-lasting waste? Do you generally believe in beneficial environmental effects of recycling? Do you follow waste sorting guidelines only when you have to or do you go an extra mile? Do you try to limit your purchase of items that require recycling or are hard to recycle, e.g. plastic bags, disposable containers, plastic straws, etc? Explain how your personal context affects your thoughts