make it up as you like to answer these questions and reflect on some of the articles too

The workbook should have four sections, including:
Autobiography: Think of all the yesterdays that made you what you are today. Write an
autobiographical story that traces your history up to now. Divide the story into chapters, each chapter
should cover a five-year period, starting with birth to five years old, five to ten years old, and so on. In
each chapter, try to answer the following questions if they are relevant:
o Who were the important people in your life and why they were important?
o What was your family life like at the time?
o What were your school experiences like and how did you react to school?
o What were your work experiences like and how did you react to work?
o Did you develop hobbies and interests and what did you like about them?
o To what extent did your parents influence the activities youve pursued and the choices youve
made? How have other family relationships shaped your experiences?
o What happened to you during this period that changed the course of your life?
(Recommended length: approximately 2 double-spaced pages)
Career Assessment: Appraise your professional career, discuss the key career choice points in your
career, and complete the following career management instruments and exercises:
o Meaning of Career Success,
o Meaning of Life Success,
o Career Anchors, and
o Career Decision-Making Style.
Then, calculate your score and write at least two paragraphs for each assessment to discuss what you
learned about yourself, analyze your model of career decision making, and comment on your overall
career goals. (Recommended length: approximately 2-3 double-spaced pages)
Reflecting on Class Activities: Share your takeaways and lessons from the case studies, assigned
readings, and class and team discussions. Then, discuss how these new insights can help you
manage your career effectively. (Recommended length: approximately 2 double-spaced pages)
Planning. Think about where you will be in your career and your life five years into the future. Then,
respond to the following:
o In what ways can you leverage your personal characteristics to achieve your career goals?
o What steps can you take to address your career-related developmental needs?
(Recommended length: approximately 2 double-spaced pages).


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