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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read this and write a two-hundred-word summary.

I've listed some questions relating to Arendt's thinking that you could answer to help as a guide as you work:

What is public space? How does it relate to freedom?

What is agency? What are the its three criteria? How does it relate to public spaces?

The individual and public space: how does one appear in public space?

Do you feel that Arendt's thinking is relevant to our present condition? Can it relate to our practice as designers?

What are some examples of public spaces in Lincoln?

You can gain background knowledge by looking through the Wikipedia page on Arendt:


As this well-known HRSA report on healthcare workforce analysis predicted, several states and specialties will experience a shortfall of trained medical workers. Recent confirmations of such shortfalls have been reported by and  Although shortfalls of trained medical workers are not uncommon, they become concerning when linked to the highly concentrated geographical distribution of healthcare providers (as discussed at  The pairing of concentration in services and shortfalls may leave large geographical areas devoid of needed medical services.  Therefore, it should not be a surprise that current research focuses on such shortfalls and potential remedies.

Goal.  Your goal is to create a 5-7 page APA-formatted illustrative essay showing the potential effects of shortfalls of trained medical workers and potential/proposed remedies. 


Paraphrasing and summarizing

Choose one source from the articles on your topic and provide an example of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing with appropriate APA formatting. Make sure you label each section and include the original source for the paraphrase and quote (See the sample here). Make sure to include proper signal phrases as shown in Week 4's instructional materials.

Please make sure that you adhere to the example document that I attached.

Transportation and Distribution cost problems faced in tyre industry in india

This is a case study for a company, they have given the challenges, i need to tackle those challenges and find solution as mentioned in the documents. Need to include SWOT and PEST analysis, need to add reference and zero plagarism.

These are the instruction given from the office.
1.      Assignment should be a of relevant facts based on your research)

2.      You may use Bar diagrams/ Pie Charts/graphs to depict your case (work on excel & copy paste in the ppt file)

3.      Give your own interpretations, and analyze the topic in its entirety.

4.      No Plagiarism: do not copy paste information directly from the internet/book/any other source!! (The evaluators are researchers and can spot any type of plagiarism, your assignment will be immediately rejected if that is the case and your candidature will be turned down)

5.      In case of any references, please menti

Decision Making

Based on Better Brainstorming Focus on Questions, Not Answers, For Breakthrough Insights, Gregersen H, HBR
2018 March-April, the lecture notes, the text, and other sources, discuss one or several of the themes: the nature of managerial decision making, the steps in the managerial decision making, organizational learning and creativity.

2 references

Entrance & exit Counseling Assessment Exercise

Entrance and exit counseling is a good practice technique for introducing and separating a volunteer from the organization.  Entrance counseling gives a new volunteer some personal time with a representative of the organization, allowing them to get an overview of the entire organization, down to what duties and responsibilities the volunteer will engage in and why they are important to the group. On the other hand, exit counseling offers an opportunity to recognize the volunteer for his/her service and/or encourage or assist the person in understanding why they didnt fit the mission, goals, or culture.

Read Chapter 8 in the textbook by McKee & McKee.- "The New Breed"
Read Chapter 12 in the textbook by Sunny Fader - "365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating, and Rewarding Your Volunteers"

Develop two separate sets of procedures.
First, create an entrance set of procedures.  Determine a set of strategies or steps to best complete the introductio


Read an article and answer these two questions.

1. Explain how the 7 external environment forces are impacting Loblaw and the grocery industry. Apply theory and case-specific examples to support your analysis. Ensure you include all examples in the case to provide a detailed and thorough analysis.
(20 marks)

2. What management philosophy, classical or behavioural, do you think would best equip Loblaw to respond to the COVID19 crisis? Explain your answer with examples from the case. (10 marks)

Develop a Pecha Kucha presentation in which you critically discuss the concept of glocalization in global marketing. To do so, Outline glocalization theory and discuss the role of glocalization in global marketing. Choose one global company/brand

Develop a Pecha Kucha presentation in which you critically discuss the concept of glocalization in global marketing. To do so,

Outline glocalization theory and discuss the role of glocalization in global marketing.
Choose one global company/brand and analyse the extent to which it uses a glocal approach (i.e. standardize and adapt their marketing mix) in their global marketing activities.

Can you please write 20 slides (powerpoint support) and in addition write everything that I have to say orally on a word document (slide by slide).

Please use academic sources.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Briefly explain piagets and Erickson theories of development. Who had a better theory of human development Erickson or Piaget? Please offer detail to explain your choice. What chips would you give to someone who has just suffered a major loss, now that you know the stages of grief

Recruitment Methods Exercise

The recruitment of volunteers can be done in various methods.  Much like filling void positions within a company, internal referrals and/or changing of positions can occur.  However, the strategies used in finding the right volunteer to fit a particular need hinges on the duties and responsibilities that will be performed.  Is there lifting involved or the need for computer skills? Is there a particular license needed for things such as providing transportation or education? What language and communication skill sets will best perform the tasks?  What are the favored populations to enlist and which ones should be avoided? What population are you planning on serving with this volunteer?  Recruitment methods and strategies can widely vary depending on your organizational needs.

Review Chapter 2 and Read Chapter 4 in the textbook by McKee & McKee.
Read Chapter 4 in the textbook by Fader.
Choose one of the following volunteer positions to focus on