Social Media Strategy

Alumni: Promote a black-tie event being held by the alumni association for MBA alumni. The event will be held on December 20 with all proceeds from ticket sales going to St. Judes. The dinner will be hosted at the school, with students running ticket sales and a silent auction, and the culinary department will be cooking and serving a five-course meal. The hope is to raise at least $10,000 from this fundraiser.
When analyzing this target audience, narrow your data to individuals with a graduate degree who are at least thirty years old and make at least $80,000 per year.

Social Media Strategy Proposal
Develop a social media strategy proposal that will address your chosen fundraisers key performance indicators by evaluating qualitative and quantitative data. Make sure to use appropriate evidence to support your analysis and recommendations, and incorporate any feedback you received on the first two milestones.

Data Analysis: Collect and analyze the following data points on your current organization and target audience:
Target Audience Data: Briefly summarize the following demographics and psychographics about your selected target audience, as well as the value of considering each data point you include when designing a social media strategy.
Make sure to use valid demographic and psychographic data to validate your summary. The Finding Demographic and Market Information Shapiro Library resource from Module Two can assist you in completing this portion of your assignment.
Geographic location
Current social media use
Outside interests
Personal values
Evaluating the Landscape: Evaluate the current social media landscape of Southern New Hampshire University by exploring their existing social media presence. The Social Media Directory and Campus Faculty pages are great places to start, but you are encouraged to explore other channels that are not listed as well. Once you have explored, summarize your findings by describing the following:
SWOT analysis findings
Organizations current social media strategies and platforms used
Target audience(s) for specific platforms
Organizations typical triggers and connection strategies
Proposal Creation: Now that you have gathered and analyzed the necessary qualitative and quantitative data, create a brief proposal informed by the creation of two SMART goals that can guide your social media strategy, as well as three social media platforms that will be used to achieve your SMART goals. Include the following:
SMART Goals: Create social media strategy goals that can be used to guide the new social media strategys development, assess its success, and incorporate all SMART goal criteria.
Platform Selection: Select appropriate social media platforms that will be used to achieve your SMART goals and justify your selections with evidence from the Data Analysis portion of your social media strategy proposal.
Frequency: Recommend the ideal frequency for social media posts for a two-week time span and explain why it is appropriate based on your target audience, event, and landscape.
Tone and Personality: Describe the tone and personality that should be incorporated into the content for your social media posts based on your target audience, event, and selected platforms. Use evidence from the course resources or the web to support your response.
Key Performance Indicator Alignment: Explain how your proposal will address key performance indicators identified in your SMART goals, using evidence from course resources and the web to support your explanations.
Social Media Schedule
For the Social Media Schedule section of this project, you will develop a messaging schedule and two weeks of corresponding posts. To do so, address the items listed below and use the Social Media Schedule Template located in the What to Submit section.

Frequency: Determine the frequency of social media posts for each week, and use supporting evidence to explain the rationale behind the chosen frequency.
Content: Develop the content you will share for the two weeks, and ensure the messaging is appropriate for your selected event, target audience, and proposed social media strategies.
Keywords and Hashtags: Select keywords and hashtags that will be incorporated into each message and use supporting evidence to explain how they will increase user engagement and views.
Tone: Describe the tone that should be used in each weeks messaging based on the target audience, landscape, and current organizational practices.
Platforms: Select appropriate platforms through which to share your messages and provide a brief rationale for your selections. Use evidence from the Social Media Strategy Proposal section of this project and other resources on platforms to support your rationale.
Monitoring: Explain how you would plan to monitor, track, and measure the overall success of the campaign at the end of the social media calendar cycle. Use supporting evidence to support your planning decisions.
What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Social Media Strategy Proposal
Submit your social media strategy proposal as a Word document between 750 and 1,000 words in length. The proposal should include the following parts, which should be used as headings to help structure your paper:

Data Analysis (from Milestone One)
Evaluating the Landscape (from Milestone One)
Proposal Creations (from Milestone Two)
Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Social Media Schedule
Use the provided template to develop two weeks worth of social media content and planning. Sources should be cited according to APA style as appropriate.

Template: Social Media Schedule
Use this Excel template to complete your social media schedule. Use complete sentences for the Strategy Rationale and Message Content columns. Otherwise, complete sentences are not needed. Please rename the three platform tabs to reflect your selected platforms for the campaign.


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