why the first two years of any college education should be free

Argument EssayUsing the topic you have chosen (remember to choose a fresh topic-not something like abortion that has been written about so often that there is no new information out there), pick a position on that topic and write a three and a half to four page paper attempting to convince your audience to agree with your topic using the strategies we have discussed in class (common ground, refutation, avoiding fallacies, etc.).  Remember, this paper can be an extension of the exemplification essay, but it must include a refutation. This essay should follow the guidelines that previous papers have used: have the proper heading, include a title, be double spaced, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and include the basic components that all essays have (an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion).  Remember also that all late papers will not be accepted.  As you are working on this paper, keep the following things in mind:Your thesis should tell readers the topic you are arguing, where you stand on that topic (whether you are for or against that issue), and the reasons why (three point thesis.This paper can be an extension of the refutation essay, but it must have a refutation paragraph. You will be required to do research for this paper.  At minimum, you will need three sources, one of those from a database and one from a book (no Internet sources!).  The book cannot be your textbook.  The librarys databases are not considered Internet sources. You must include copies of your sources when you turn in the final copy of your essay.Your sources will be cited in the paper using MLA format, and you will be required to have a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.  Remember if the Works Cited page is not in the correct format, points will be deducted.  You will also be required to complete a PowerPoint based on your chosen topic, and you will use this presentation to present your topic to the class.  The PowerPoint must be at least fiveslides in length and should follow the general outline of the essay. Other than these guidelines, you are allowed to be as creative as youd like when creating the PowerPoint.Copies must accompany every source that you use in your paper.  There should be at least one secondary source per main point.  You cannot pass the paper without including three sources.Likewise, you cannot pass the research paper without including copies of your sources exactly as I specify below.Highlight quotes on copies.
o    Guidelines for copies of sources:Database or Internet Source print out the entire articlePrinted  article  (includes  reprinted  articles  in  reference  books  such  as Twentieth Century Literary Criticism) copy the entire article and the title page and copyright information from the reference book it is inBook    copy  the  title  page,  copyright  information,  and  only  the  page  or pages you have used (cited) in your paper


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